• The Water Doctor’s Daughters

    The intriguing story of wealthy 19th century water-cure physician, Dr James Loftus Marsden and his children, who grew up knowing Charles Darwin and Alfred Tennyson. Two girls died in suspicious circumstances resulting in sensational trials. Available via Amazon and major Bookstores.

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  • All Along the River: Tales from the Thames

    An engaging and humorous armchair read & companion volume to more practical guide books. Both quirky and fun, it is packed with information about literary associations, local recipes, folklore and a good many murders and mysteries! Available via Amazon and major Bookstores.

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Blue Mountains – latest article

  • Old llamp in Memorial Park, Blackheath.
      In the northern hemisphere, Halloween is celebrated during fall, when  landscapes are wreathed in eerie mist. Here in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales we are supposed to be in the full glory of spring, but  there can be some surprisingly  appropriate weather. There are...
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History – latest article

  • John Brush Building George St Sydney
    John Brush, the Sydney Saddler
    My interest in John Brush saddles began when Brendan Morris found a rare survivor on his farm in New South Wales. He posted some photos in  The Australian Social History Facebook Group. John Brush established a saddlery and harness store in Sydney in 1840. It was during...
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Humour – latest article

  • Editor Des and his wild cherries
    Editor Des and the Wild Cherries of Blackheath
    Hello,   Well my guardian Pauline Conolly and I  have been documenting the life of a satin bowerbird. It lives in Memorial Park, Blackheath, here in the Blue Mountains. I’ve become quite friendly with him. Sometimes I take him a blue treasure, because he collects them to...
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Travel – latest article

  • Pigs at Kadoorie Farm
    ORIGINS OF THE FARM Following the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during World War II, many farmers were destitute and unable to produce sufficient food for the enormous influx of refugees. In 1951, Hong Kong businessman Lord Lawrence Kadoorie and his brother Sir Horace Kadoorie, formed an...
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Latest Blog Posts

  • Friends' Room, Library of NSW
    ‘I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.’ Eleanor Roosevelt.  Dorothy Parker was certainly correct in her quote about curiosity, and thank goodness for that.   Such wise...
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  • Arch of red and white roses
    Sometimes you see another person’s  garden and think, ‘Oh my word, I think I’ll rip all my stuff out and create something like this …well try to anyway.’ This is how I feel about Helen Chadwick’s garden, just up the road from me.  It is a little piece...
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  • Milly enjoys a scone with jam
    ‘Could we please go somewhere without  Des, Pauline?’  This  pathetic plea came from Milly, who lives in the shade of her famous boyfriend, Editor Des. ‘Well of course we can Darling’, I said. I decided she might enjoy a walk to Campbell Rhododendron Garden in our  Blue...
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  • Lemonade for sale sign
    Hello, Editor Des here, Well I was walking up to the Blackheath Rhododendron Festival  today when I spotted  one of my neighbours selling home made lemonade. It was opposite the swimming pool in Memorial Park. Actually Fergus was minding the shop while  the prop, propri…the owner Luke popped...
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