• The Water Doctor’s Daughters

    The intriguing story of wealthy 19th century water-cure physician, Dr James Loftus Marsden and his children, who grew up knowing Charles Darwin and Alfred Tennyson. Two girls died in suspicious circumstances resulting in sensational trials. Available via Amazon and major Bookstores.

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  • All Along the River: Tales from the Thames

    An engaging and humorous armchair read & companion volume to more practical guide books. Both quirky and fun, it is packed with information about literary associations, local recipes, folklore and a good many murders and mysteries! Available via Amazon and major Bookstores.

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Blue Mountains – latest article

  • Juvenile decorating half built bower
    This is what the bower of a  satin bowerbird looks like (below right), with its collection of blue  ‘treasures ‘ assembled to impress  the ladies.  I’m afraid the birds mostly  use blue, human trash these day, especially pegs, plastic straws and milk bottle tops. In the old...
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History – latest article

  • Lady Gowrie
    In the latter years of  WWII  it was feared that Australia might be bombed, and because of this all  kindergartens were closed.  In their place a wonderful institution was born….Kindergarten of the Air. The programme was  launched on the ABC in  1943  by Lady Zara Gowrie, wife...
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Humour – latest article

  • Pauline Conolly
    Sometimes  there is an early sign of trouble when you reach your hotel room……the designers have been just that little bit too tricksy and  trendy. The pics below were taken at a new hotel in Sydney’s Chatswood.   And sure enough, the room turned out to be ...
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Travel – latest article

  • Trevor Hennock
    The Farmer’s Fairground Organ
    CLEVER HANDS CELEBRATING THE PAST When Stanley Wennock died last year aged 83, he left a special legacy. The  retired  farmer from Canberra had been able to turn his hand to almost anything. Farmers have to be multi-skilled and Stan certainly was!  Over a period of three...
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Latest Blog Posts

      I have a great fascination for  social history, and for our native, satin bowerbirds.  Yes, there is a strong link between the two.  When the adult blue/black  male bowerbirds  or the green juvenile ‘apprentices’ build their bowers they decorate them with anything blue they can find....
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  • Les Mjurray's father Cecil.
    As a Baby Boomer I grew up with little exposure to Australian literature.  It was all English boarding school stories,  Enid Blyton and Charles Dickens. My early knowledge of poets was limited to those represented in a primary school textbook, Poems for Pleasure; Blake, Longfellow, Wordsworth, Coleridge...
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  • Crimson rosella feasting on grevillea.
    Crimson Rosellas – Sweet Thieves
          CRIMSON ROSELLAS   Crimson rosellas are a joy to behold. Many of the trees and shrubs in my  Blue Mountains garden have been planted with these beautiful birds in mind. Top of the list? The native correas. The photo below shows that my efforts are...
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  • White headed pigeon
    My first encounter with an Australian White Headed Pigeon was rather disconcerting. There is a skylight over my bed and I woke one morning to find one peering  down at me. They are often  called Baldy Pigeons, which seems  rather unkind.   Since then I have become...
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