The author getting Close to nature in Blackheath.

The author getting close to nature in Blackheath.

I recently read an American blog in which the author introduced  Tourist Tuesday.  Her idea was  that  residents  of  tourist towns and  villages  should  re-acquaint themselves with their surroundings  instead of simply taking everything for  granted.  Tuesday was chosen because  weekend visitors have usually left by then.  So here  is my debut  Tuesday  Tourist post.

Although The Blue Mountains National Park is stunning, with spectacular walks, lookouts and natural features, I have chosen to write  about  food!  There is  a particular eatery  in my village which is  regarded as an institution;  Blackheath’s Bakehouse  on Wentworth.  Perhaps I can be forgiven this indulgence because it is   freezing here right now, and the bakery sells hot pies,

described  by some as Australia’s best. They are hand made on the premises, using fresh, natural  ingredients.   Customers can choose from  thirteen  fillings, including Beef & Guiness; Beef, Bacon & Cheese;  Lamb, Rosemary & Garlic and Tandoori Chicken.   There is an unassuming  restaurant area  but for the most sublime  Blackheath pie experience it is best to eat  one whilst walking along Wentworth Street at the height of  the village’s  autumn colour. Yes, I know… you will  have to wait until April/May for the pleasure!


Wentworth Street, Blackheath

Wentworth Street, Blackheath

Olive bread is another specialty of  The Bakehouse. This  is  not surprising  because   Blue Mountains chefs   enjoy a unique advantage when it comes to bread making.  As  Delia Falconer  wrote  in her   lyrical   novel, The Service of Clouds  ( set in the Mountains):  ‘She had read about this place; where kitchens were built at such high altitudes that the clouds drifted into bread through open windows and made it rise without the use of yeast.’

There is only one small hitch regarding the bakery. It is directly opposite the medical clinic.  Locals worried re  their  doctor’s  horror  at the number of visits they  make to pick up a pie and freshly baked bread  have been known to wear a wig and dark glasses.

UPDATE –   Strictly in the interests of impartiality I am planning a visit to Mountain High Pies,  located on the Great Western Highway at Wentworth Falls.  They have an intriguing Big Breakfast Pie, ,but it’s the menu of  sweet pies and tarts that I’m really interested in;  Apple and Custard Pie, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Tart, Salted Caramel Meringue Tart.. .oooh yes! Wentworth Falls could usurp Blackheath  as Pie Paradise!

STOP PRESS….Well, it happened!! In  September 2015, the ‘Big Breakfast’   Mountain High Pie  won a national award.

By the way, here is the  real reason I moved to Blackheath from Sydney. haha. Escaping the ‘big smoke’.



  1. I love the “Tourist Tuesday” idea and what a lovely photo 🙂


  2. Thanks Vikki

    Of course I will have to keep testing the pies now to make sure the high standard is being maintained! It’s amazing the lengths I am willing to go to for my readers.

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