‘Could we please go somewhere without  Des, Pauline?’  This  pathetic plea came from Milly, who lives in the shade of her famous boyfriend, Editor Des. ‘Well of course we can Darling’, I said. I decided she might enjoy a walk to Campbell Rhododendron Garden in our  Blue Mountains village of Blackheath.

Pauline Conolly and Milly

Set to go


















Off we went, up our lane and into Inconstant Street. We both  always giggle about that name. It has connotations of incontinence and unfaithfulness. Apologies if you live there.

The are  some gorgeous gardens in the street. Milly loved these giant poppies.


And look at this white wisteria;

White wisteria

Milly  was captivated by the snowball tree. She wanted to pick some, but I told her they would melt.

The snowball tree

Snowballs in spring.

We turned right into Bacchante Street, and into the garden. Only a gold coin donation required from each of us.

Milly in the azaleas

Pink on pink








I thought we would have tea and scones first, except Milly couldn’t resist leaping in to a blooming azalea bush. It matched her dress. We ordered Devonshire Tea, although to my amusement the volunteer catering ladies called it Australian Afternoon Tea. I think the idea was to prevent international tourists being confused.


Afternoon tea

Let’s have tea

Oh the glory of the gardens. They were amazing; spectacular azaleas set among the gum trees. Here are just a few;


On fire!

Eucalypts and azaleas

Glorious sight around the old eucalypt trunks.


Yellow Azaleas


And we both agreed that this was our very favourite rhododendron, oh that soft apricot. I think we must buy one for our own garden.

Apricot rhododendron

What a special  rhodo.

We were feeling a bit hot and thirsty on the way home. Milly skipped ahead when she spotted a convenient tap. It was a bit high for her to reach  (well she is quite short) so she climbed up. Oh dear… it was  hard to turn on, too. Never one to give up, she gave  it a big shove with her boot….Voila!

Milly at the tap.


On we went. Sometimes there were sweet little tracks instead of  footpaths;

Milly took great pleasure in telling Editor Des all about her day. He tried to look unimpressed, but we could see he was a bit envious.  Milly  just smiled quietly to herself, remembering her scone with jam and cream.


Milly enjoys a scone with jam

Editor Des and Milly.

Des listening to Milly’s account of her day. He looks a bit miffed!
















  1. Beautiful Blackheath!Another delightfulblog Pauline! Photos are top draw as usual.

    • Pauline

      Thanks Lyn. Delighted that you are able to leave comments with less trouble.

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