Patrick  and Polly, the Australian wood ducks are a very entertaining couple.  Patrick is just a little bit of an Aussie bogan. He loves his mullet cut;

Wood duck with mullet cut.

Pretty cool eh?

Mullet cut









They reside at Blackheath duck pond in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.  If they have to venture far from the water they  stand in every  puddle they can find, just to feel at home.

Wood ducks in a puddle.

Feel better Polly?

Life can be a little, well….boring in Blackheath.  Residents have to find  ways to amuse themselves.  Polly has been performing a few gymnastic tricks on the bar. No wings, one leg….I’m quite impressed.

Wood duck on one leg.

Look, no wings, one leg!

Now Patrick is just a tiny bit  chauvinistic and I’m sure he thought, ‘Anything Polly can do I can do better’.   In the end he just had to have go. ‘Let’s see….just find my centre of gravity and carefully lift that leg’;

Wood duck on one leg.

This is more difficult than I imagined.

Wood duck on one leg.

Haha, but I did it!










The pair  like to wander up to the village occasionally; great cafes there.  Cake crumbs  are not the best duck food, but I guess they make a  nice change from water weed and grass.

Wood ducks crossing street.

Follow me Sweetie.


Wood ducks on street.

Hey….keep up please! What are you doing?








Oh dear me, Polly. That’s rather unladylike;


Wood duck

Who did that?

Trudging home at end of a long day.


Australian wood ducks

Homeward bound..

Wood ducks at Popes Glen Blackheath

Nearly there.










Even wood ducks have to settle down eventually and start a family. By early October Patrick is checking out nesting trees. Yes, Polly will lay her eggs (quite a lot) in a hollow branch.  Once the chicks have fledged  (well, tumbled to earth from the nest)  she and Patrick have to put their silliness aside and  become responsible parents.


Wood duck in tree prior to nesting.

Up here Polly! I’ve found a decent place.

Wood duck family

A large and happy family. (photo credit Leigh Wilson)








Duck pond at Blackheath

Polly will be cross if cars don’t stop!


Wood duck family

Careful now little ones!
















Sometimes the fatherly role is all a bit much for Patrick. He leaves his brood to Polly and has a little nap….Zzzzzz


Sleepy wood duck

Getting his head down.



















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