I live  just around the corner from the Blackheath duck pond, in the beautiful Blue Mountains. I’ve developed a special relationship with the  Australian wood ducks who live there. They are so  good natured and engaging. It occurred to me that they must get a little bored just swimming about and eating grass in Memorial Park. What about a few acrobatics?

My first choice as a pupil was a young male….full of bravado.

OK, Daniel, let’s try balancing on one leg. Dear me, it took a while for him to get the idea. Eyes to the front please.

Wood duck on one leg.
Bit of a lean! Harder than he thought.
Wood duck on one leg.
Got it!

Right, let’s ‘up the ante’ and try a triple act.

Another two recruits  were brought in and after just  a week or two they were performance ready. The newbies were both female (Lucy and Linda) , which might explain their remarkable aptitude.

Let’s have a bit of fun.  Ladies, move exactly one metre  away from Daniel please.  That’s it…great.

Now on the count of three, all stand on one leg.  ‘One, two three!’

Wood ducks standing on one leg.
Well done guys.

Oh my goodness, it worked! Next trick….

One, two, three…‘Fly away’.

Yes! So proud.


OK, let’s try some synchronized movement.  You can take a break Daniel, I’m not at all sure you have the talent.  Instead, we’ll have three little maids this time; Linda, Lucy and Penelope-Jane. Standing perfectly still….

Wood ducks at Blackheath duck pond.
Looking straight ahead now.

Head tuck to the left!

Wood ducks at Blackheath duck pond.

Take a bow;

Wood ducks at Blckheath duck pond.
Ovation please.

Wasn’t that something?? Bring on the Tokyo Olympics.

The diving was a bit of a disaster considering volunteer Lucy is a duck, but she tried hard;

Wood duck
On tippy-toes. Ready, set…..
Wood duck

Daniel….make like a football (surely he can cope with this) Deep head tuck required;

Sleepy wood duck
Not sure which code, but football-ish.

An ethereal finale from Lucy;

Australian wood duck
Blessings to all and thank you for coming.

Pity I hadn’t started all this a bit earlier. We could have performed in the Spiegaltent at The Sydney Festival. Never mind, let’s look towards the  Royal Easter Show.

Hang on…we have some youngers on the scene. They look as if they have the right attitude;


Poor Daniel may  be an exception, but wood ducks do have athletic ability in their genes. When they are barely a day old the babies have to  make a flying leap to the ground from their  nest hollow high in a  tree. To watch them, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Another delightful story and photos!
    Thank you Lyn

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