Editor Des ready to travel.
Ready for action.

Travel is not easy for someone like me. I never have a proper seat, so no life vest. Pathetic. What would happen if we crashed?

Just hanging on during take-off from Sydney.

Arrived in Darwin. They are obsessed with crocodiles up here. Do I really want to go to Kakadu? Pauline made me pose like this. How stupid!

Well, I didn’t have much choice about Kakadu. The truth is, I go where Pauline goes.

The man driving the boat told me about the dangerous Logodiles. Have you heard of them? Some people on the boat were giggling. No idea why.

Logodile behind you Des.

Oh my word….I still think crocodiles are scarier. This one was a bit too close. And he was lunching on a poor little wallaby that strayed down the bank. I had to close my eyes (after I took the photo).

Crocodile smile
He looks happy enough now. No wonder.
Oh yes, very funny. NOT!
Baby slt water crocodile.
Be careful Mr Jabiru!
Life on a lotus leaf in his own little pool.

I bought a painting from a man on the riverbank at Kakadu. It’s an inside-out barramundi fish.

Contemplating life in Katherine Gorge
All aboard the Ghan!
Well at least I have a seat.
The train stopped near Coober Pedy where the opals come from.

Found a little vein of opal. Not much colour though.

Opal mine tailings in Coober Pedy.
I need a pick.

Look what happens when everyone gets opal fever and starts digging!

If you walk around here you might fall in a mine shaft.

I went to Glenelg Beach when we got to Adelaide. Why do I always have to be put on silly things??

The indoor market was better. Mind you, I knew this cafe was too exotic. I ordered a poached egg. Apparently it’s under the tab, tibool… (green stuff)

Editor Des breakfasting at Adelaide's  indoor market.
Just no….

Do you think someone ‘doctored’ this sign? Haha, I might have had a hand in it.

I liked this seat.

Pauline Conolly and Editor Des at Adelaide Markets
Quality time with Pauline….very rare!

Back home. It was all a bit much for me really. Sorry, I haven’t done very well with this story. I wasn’t taken on enough excursions, so it’s not my fault. I need a cup of tea!

Editor Des after his trip to outback  Australia.
Please put the kettle on.

And a biscuit. Do not judge me, OK?

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