I have to say that this is one of those ‘worst house on best street’ scenarios. I was strolling along leafy Park Avenue (in Blackheath sadly, not New York) when I was stopped in my tracks by a pair of golden eyes. They were peering from the darkness of well, to put it kindly…..an underground home.

Black cat

To my astonishment, a sleek beauty emerged.

Blackheath 'bunker' cat.

Hmm, not exactly picket fence and roses around the door, is it? Maybe this was just his survival bunker, I’ve thought of establishing one myself in recent times.

The mystery black cat of Blackheath

When I left he was about to take a stroll down Park Avenue. What a cool cat!

Presumably he was off to his ‘real’ residence. But where was it, I wondered? And could his presence explode a well established urban myth?

Mythical Black Panther  of Blackheath

Below is a report from the Blue Mountains Gazette, March 23 2018 on the latest ‘big cat’ encounter.

The elusive and possibly apocryphal black panther has apparently returned to the Mountains,with a reported sighting last week near Pulpit Rock in Blackheath.

Perth visitor Sam Maher was bushwalking on his own on Thursday, March 15, somewhere between Pulpit Rock and Pope’s Glen Creek, when he felt eyes upon him. “At the time I was listening to a podcast with my headphones in when, suddenly, I became overwhelmed with the sensation that I was being watched,” he said.

“My automatic response was to spin around, rip my headphones out, and look behind me. As I did so the sound of panicked movement erupted in front of me forcing me to look back, catching an undeniable glimpse of the back of a jet-black animal with a long tail as it ripped up the earth in a panic before leaping into the dense scrub just four or five metres up the path from where I stood.”

I’m not sure what to think about Sam’s story. And honestly, who goes bushwalking wearing headphones?

More recently there was a sighting ‘down the hill’ at Bullaburra, reported on Facebook;

Photo credit- Leia Marshall

It transpired that photographer Leia had a rather close relationship with this ‘panther’. She had even given it a name; Miley Cyrus Moon Marshall..

Meanwhile, any reported sightings of the mysterious Park Avenue feline will be gratefully received.

If you would like to watch a video of what is claimed to be the Blue Mountains’ big cat in the wild, CLICK HERE

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