by Editor Des.

Hello dear peeps. I’m on my way to photograph the satin bowerbird in Memorial Park at Blackheath. BTW, see how that fence pipe has been vandalized? It wasn’t me (just saying). So anyway, I’m conducting an important experiment.

Editor Des on a photo excursion.
Over I go.

Here is Mr bowerbrird’s hedge surrounded home…..very exclusive piece of real estate.

Location of satin bowerbird
Privacy is so important for a love nest.

Sadly, our bowerbirds use blue plastic for their display treasures these days. We banned plastic straws here in Blackheath, but they still find lots of bottle tops.

Satin bowerbird


Now let me explain the interesting subject of my research. We have been getting more and more sulphur crested cockatoos in the Blue Mountains….. far too many!

Sulphur crested cockatoos at Blackheath swimming complex.
Communal lunch at Blackheath swimming pool.

Well it’s because people feed them; a bit silly really because there is plenty of natural food about. The thing is, they are taking over lots of nest holes that wood ducks, parrots and kookaburras use. BUT, something special is happening. I have been finding lots of their white and yellow feathers in the bower. Are local cockies being mugged and robbed by satin bowerbirds?

War trophies
Sulphur crested cockatoo squawking.
Oh the indignity!

Look at this. Lots of yellow and white. Feathers are so much more environmentally friendly than bottle tops and plastic pegs. It’s a shame cockatoos aren’t blue, but I have hope in my heart that our Blackheath bowerbird is moving back to natural fibres.

Editor Des observing satinbowerbird's bower,

If I sit here quietly he might appear…….

Well hello!

I’ll be writing up my research soon. Might even send a copy to Mr Attenborough.

Editor Des
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