Mind you, bees adore the tiny flowers.

Some of the small, immature leaves at the bottom of the stems are quite beautiful.

A beautiful leaf from persicaria  Red Dragon
Persicaria as a backdrop to Siberian iris,

Providing shade and a little cover for birds around the birdbaths.

Persicaria surrounds  surrounds a birdbath.

It is very dangerous to let a dragon run amok in your garden, and I must say that this is definitely true in the case of persicaria. They can be quite invasive. I often have to pull up clumps that have established themselves without my knowledge or consent. But they are easy to remove and I adore them for the foliage contrast they provide.

When my clumps grow a bit too tall I cut them back. I like to expose the colourful stems, which are almost translucent.

The glowing stems of persicaria.

Here is a little gift from Mother Nature. When I cut the tops from my Red Dragon a red-eyed dragonfly used one stalk as a landing pad.

Damselfly on persicaria.

I thoroughly enjoy having persicaria in the garden….a very handsome and generally well behaved ‘Red Dragon.’

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