• The Water Doctor’s Daughters

    The intriguing story of wealthy 19th century water-cure physician, Dr James Loftus Marsden and his children, who grew up knowing Charles Darwin and Alfred Tennyson. Two girls died in suspicious circumstances resulting in sensational trials. Available via Amazon and major Bookstores.

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  • All Along the River: Tales from the Thames

    An engaging and humorous armchair read & companion volume to more practical guide books. Both quirky and fun, it is packed with information about literary associations, local recipes, folklore and a good many murders and mysteries! Available via Amazon and major Bookstores.

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History – latest article

  • Miniature portrait of William Bligh circa 1814
    ONE BLIGH OF THE BOUNTY, TWO OF BLACKHEATH In 1910, Governor Bligh’s grandson, William Russell  Wilson Bligh (1827-1914), bought a house  called Whiteleaf Cross, in Tourmaline Street, Blackheath (now Park Avenue). By then William  was an elderly man. He had arrived in Sydney  in  1837 aged ten, under the […]...
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Humour – latest article

  • Blackheth police sign
    DID BLACKHEATH  REALLY NEED A BOBBY? During the summer of 1892 the cash box was stolen from the general store in  the Blue Mountains village of Blackheath. There was an immediate  call to appoint a policeman. Not everyone was in favour of this step, as the  following […]...
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Travel – latest article

  • Early autumn in Wentworth Street, Blackheath
    Autumn in Blackheath
    LEAF PEEPING IN AUTUMN I love my little  village of Blackheath. I do joke and call it Bleakheath, but only with affection.  It’s in the  upper Blue Mountains of New South Wales, so the seasons are well defined.  Spring is gorgeous and  snow  can occasionally transform it in […]...
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Latest Blog Posts

  • At Katoomba Winter Magic
    Winter Magic with Editor Des
    Hello, this is Editor Des from the Blue Mountains. Well I went to the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. Pauline didn’t want to take me because it gets a bit crowded, but I had a special assignment with the Blue Mountains Council, so she had to.  Haha. […]...
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    My partner Rob and I are the most unlikely ‘activists’ imaginable, but suddenly we have become Wentworth Street Warriors.  We may not live  in the street, but as local residents  we appreciate its beauty all year long. UPDATE – we  have just been alerted by a local consulting arborist […]...
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  • Kookaburrra with Editor Des and Milly
    Kookaburra Crisis!
    A story about birds by me, Editor Des WOT’S MORE SCARY….A COCKATOO OR A KOOKABURRA? Do you know what?  A  kookaburra  called Toffee visits our garden every day.  At first I was a bit scared of him, I thought he might start pecking  my fur off for […]...
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  • The Fabulous Fig Trees of Sydney
    The Fabulous Fig Trees of Sydney
    WHO GIVES A FIG?  I DO! Anyone who knows me will be aware that I adore trees. I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales, so autumn and spring are very special. However I still love Sydney; for the harbour, the museums and theatres, but […]...
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