• The Water Doctor’s Daughters

    The intriguing story of wealthy 19th century water-cure physician, Dr James Loftus Marsden and his children, who grew up knowing Charles Darwin and Alfred Tennyson. Two girls died in suspicious circumstances resulting in sensational trials. Available via Amazon and major Bookstores.

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  • All Along the River: Tales from the Thames

    An engaging and humorous armchair read & companion volume to more practical guide books. Both quirky and fun, it is packed with information about literary associations, local recipes, folklore and a good many murders and mysteries! Available via Amazon and major Bookstores.

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History – latest article

  • Portrait of airman Guy Menzies
    Guy Menzies; A Life Lived At Fast Forward – Part One
    GUY MENZIES – BOY RACER Guy Menzies was  born in  the Sydney suburb of Drummoyne in 1909, the son of   a well known doctor. He was a handful for his parents from the word go. Sometimes he would pinch stationery from his father’s surgery and write  sick notes to […]...
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Humour – latest article

  • Blackheth police sign
    UPDATE – JULY 22 2017 In light of new information that has come to hand regarding the Blackheath concert and Sergeant Hanley I have added the paragraphs written in blue. DID BLACKHEATH  REALLY NEED A BOBBY? During the summer of 1892 the cash box was stolen from the […]...
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Travel – latest article

  • Early autumn in Wentworth Street, Blackheath
    Autumn in Blackheath
    LEAF PEEPING IN AUTUMN I love my little  village of Blackheath. I do joke and call it Bleakheath, but only with affection.  It’s in the  upper Blue Mountains of New South Wales, so the seasons are well defined.  Spring is gorgeous and  snow  can occasionally transform it in […]...
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Latest Blog Posts

  • Portrait of airman Guy Menzies
    FOLLOWING ON FROM GUY MENZIES; A LIFE LIVED AT FAST FORWARD. Guy Menzies, the dashing young airman who made the first solo crossing from Australia to New Zealand in 1931 had plans for even greater feats; perhaps a flight from England to Australia, which he estimated could […]...
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  • Wombat face
      And what does he know?  Well, how to dig, for one thing. He digs his own substantial home;  quite enterprising for such a…..chubby fellow. The wombat lives In a funny old hole, That goes in and in and in., The wombat looks Like a funny old mole, […]...
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  • Wooden peg dolly
    Dolly Pegs by the Derwent
    A SMALL PIECE OF WOOD Apparently wooden ‘dolly pegs’ were originally  hand made by Gypsies in the UK, who sold them door to door.  Sometimes they were carved from hedgerow wood, sometimes they were just a couple of sticks  bound together with strips of tin. In Tasmania  […]...
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  • Blowin' in the wind; the Hills Hoist.
    Blowin’ in the wind; the Hills Hoist.
    HUNG OUT TO DRY! Baby boomers like me may have memories of old ‘prop’ clothes lines. They had been around for generations,  although there was an attempt to improve on them as early as  1889. An Australian invented a device for carrying a double line, which could be elevated […]...
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