Since the Great Western Highway from Sydney to the Blue Mountains was upgraded  there has been a huge rise in visitor numbers.  My home  of Blackheath is one of the highest  villages, and in autumn Wentworth Street in particular is a joy to behold. It was named in honour of  the explorer William Charles Wentworth, one of the first Europeans to cross the Mountains. I rarely even do a bush walk owing to my fear of leeches, but I do like to explore the township..

I  especially love to see the old buildings framed by liquid ambers, pin oaks and cherries..

The Presbyterian church has been worrying about falling attendance recently, but the  picturesque old hall next door hosts a popular craft market once a month.

The old Presbyterian Hall

The old Presbyterian Hall

I suspect the old building below might be classed as ‘shabby chic’.

I wondered for so long what the building below was.  For some reason I imagined it might  have been  a shop.  However,  my Blackheath  born friend  Larraine Home tells me it was originally the fire station. Next door is the police station.

Cottage in Blackheath during autumn

I’ve always loved this quaint old building.


Liquid amber at Blackheath



Wentworth Street Blackheath

Old cottage renovated with a bit of flair. I love the blue chimney

Not all the buildings in this piece are old. We have a new (well fairly new) medical Centre.  Oh dear, and autumn means flu shots! Fortunately we are a healthy lot up here….it’s the rarified air.


Medical Centre Blackheath

Taking care of Blackheathens.

Directly opposite  is the Bakery on Wentworth. Don’t let your doctor catch you sneaking in for one of their famous pies!


Wentworth Street Bakery

Lunch in the sunshine.

And next to the bakery is this glorious wall covered in ornamental grape vine,


Grapevine on wall in Wentworth Street Blackheath

What a wall!


Autumn colour at BlackhethA

Original old cottage looking its best.


Cottage in Blckheath

Leaves  and leadlight.


Masonic Hall Blackheath

The old Masonic Hall


Autumn colour at Blackheath

Traditional red roof and veranda under autumn oak.


Cottage in Blackheath during autumn

Idyllic with its picket fence.

The liquid ambers often tower over the houses.


Autumn colour in Blackheath

Scarlet and gold.

Suddenly school was out and there were kids everywhere when I headed for home.  I sometimes think locals become a bit blasé about our beautiful trees, but I hope these young ones appreciate them.


School chidren in Wentworth Street Blackheth

There is no doubt that the birds adore the  trees as much as I do.


Cocky finding autumn treasure

Foraging in the pin oak leaves.

Kookburra in autumn

Dear old Kooka.

Cocky munching tulip tree seeds


Lewins Honey Easter

This Lewins honey eater has spotted some ripe berries


























Crimson rosella in the autumn leaves.

Crimson rosella in the pin ok leaves.

Silvereye in the maples

Silvereye in the maple,s










  1. A very interesting article about the township of Blackheath with beautiful photographs. I enjoyed it very much. I live in the lower mountains but always enjoy visiting the autumn colours in the upper mountains.

    • Pauline

      Thanks Shirley. I love all the mountain villages.

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