The Growers’ Markets in Backheath are always wonderful, but there was something a bit special about the twilight Christmas market last night. My partner and I arrived early when the stallholders were still setting up around 4.00pm.

Pauline Conolly at the Blackheath Christmas market

Well, I was trying to look festive.

You simply cannot celebrate the  festive season without cherries. We always left some out for Santa when I was a child.


Christmas cherries

They even look Christmassy in their boxes.

I was delighted to see an array of Christmas bouquets from the aptly named Enchanted bloom Floral designs of Springwood. Australian Christmas bush should be our equivalent of mistletoe, don’t you think?


Flowers from Enchanted Blooms at Springwood.

Who needs holly?


Festive bouquets from Blackheath Christmas Market

Festive floral colours.














Apple scrumpy….all I can say is that the fellow selling it looked pretty scrumptious! Is it politically incorrect to say that?


Blackheath Christmas Market

Love the  well worn hat.

Shiraz was on offer for more formal  Christmas dining. This giant bottle would  be enough for  an entire family reunion!

Giant sized Shiraz at the Blackheath Christmas market.

Editor Des wanted to buy this.

We wandered back home with a bagful of goodies. My partner can never resist anything with truffles;


Gose on the Loose pork salami with black truffle

A touch of luxury with black truffle.

The cosmopolitan nature of our society is reflected in the platter of foods below, Turkish and Asian produce with  good old corn fritters.

Fare from Blackheath's Christmas Market


Hand painted chocolate baubles to follow.  Aren’t these just a joy to behold? When I posted a photo of them on Facebook someone thought they were Dichroic Glass. They are crafted by  the artisan  chocolatier and patissier  Esti Gacia.


esti Garcia chocolate baubles

Too good to eat….almost.

And to finish? Coffee from freshly ground beans.

Coffee selection at the Blackheath Christmas Market.

What a choice!

The stallholder told us the most popular blend is Blue Mountain.  Well of course it is!

The next market will be held on  Sunday, February 10th.






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