The Blue Mountains town of Katoomba has always been a bit retro, so what better place to open a 1950’s  themed restaurant/café?   Aunty Jacks in Katoomba Street is sheer bliss for Baby Boomers  like me, who grew up playing the juke box and drinking  heavenly spiders.

Apparently that weird  name derives from  the ‘spidery’ lines  formed as  syrup oozes into icecream and soda. The one pictured below  on the right  is called Pink Fluffy Flamingo.  Perfect with  those super soft   marshmallows.  My favourite is the Lemon Lime Splice. Look at the pair of pineapple jubes….always appeared  in sixpenny bags of mixed lollies.

Yummy spiders at Aunty Jack in Katoomba.

The place is decorated with every kind of 50s memorabilia imaginable.  Bet there are flying ducks on the walls somewhere. As a social historian I feel it’s my duty to spend time here.

Interior of Aunty Jack's at Katoomba

Remember those old telephone tables?  Just the ticket in the days of long chats before texting took over..


Aunty Jacks at Katoomba

Settle in  awhile at Aunty’s house.

Loved the armchairs.  My Grandma made me one of those crocheted rugs to have a little sleep on at kindergarten,  in 1956.


Pauline Conolly at Aunty Jacks, Katoomba

I might just move in!

Sometimes chips are all a person wants. Still arrive wrapped in newspaper.

Chips at Aunty Jackin Katoomba


Those chips  with bacon bits are a little fancy for the fifties, but damned good. Burgers, sandwiches and rolls are the go at Aunty Jacks.  This is not the place for fine dining, but everything is presented with flair and tastes wonderful.


At Aunty Jack's in Katoomba

Old style coleslaw and a corned beef roll.


My partner Rob and I visited Aunty Jack’s  on Saturday, when the annual  Lady Luck Festival was on. It’s hosted by the  landmark Carrington Hotel.  We must go back next year to watch the rockabilly  dance competitions.   Many thanks to my friend Rosie Wood, for the video.  The main Street was lined on both sides with amazing vintage cars.  There were lots of those  giant American models  we drooled over in movies and Yankee comic books.

Old Chevvy at Katoomba

Tribute to The King

Vintage car festival at Katoomba

Love the snack tray.







But look what was sitting right under Aunty Jack’s sign. Yes, a dear old Aussie Holden.

Vintage Holden parked outside Aunty Jacks in Katoomba

Park your golden Holden and walk right in.

As the old song went (sort of) . Farewell Aunty Jack, I know we’ll be back!.’ 






  1. What a wonderful place! I love all the memorabilia although we never had quite so posh a telephone table as shown here.
    I’d wondered about the ‘spider’ bit, so good to now understand the meaning. Don’t think I could quite cope with one of them though. Far too sickly for me, especially topped with marshmallows, and they’d probably make me burst out in teenage spots again. As for those vibrant colours – they must contain some serious E numbers lol!
    And the name Aunty Jack originates how?

    • Pauline

      Well, the pink spider is a bit sweet, the lime/lemon one is very tangy and delicious…..and full of calories! They also have old fashioned milkshakes etc. Aunty Jack was the name of a weird, Oz TV character. I put in a link to the song featuring her. It’s just all too strange to explain,but very nostalgic for Aussies.

      • Oh I missed the You-Tube clip the first time – thank goodness. I had to stop in halfway through. Think I’ll stick with Play School or The Muppets.

        • Pauline

          Hahaha….I told you it was weird. Aunty Jack’s expression ‘I’ll rip yer bloody arms off’ has entered the lexicon.

  2. It was great to check out the 50’s memorabilia in Katoomba. I was caught back in the times I loved drinking spiders. The vintage cars were so wonderful to see them splendidly restored. You take such good excursions that most people would enjoy. I can only live through viewing your photos and posts. However, we are contemplating returning to Australia, maybe later this year.

    • Pauline

      I thought you might enjoy this piece, Heather. I hope you will get to visit the Blue Mts. if you come back.

  3. Ah well worth a trip 1/2 way around the world for Aunty Jacks. Wonderful photos. I could almost taste the Lemon Lime Splice and the Pink Flamingos. Can you tell me how to make them?
    Also exquisite lamps.
    Great fun post.

    • Pauline

      Thanks Judy. I wish you lived here so I could take you to Aunty Jacks and buy you a lime/lemon spider! They are wonderful.

      • Thanks Pauline. What a wonderful places you share

        • Pauline

          I’m sorry you had such a struggle with the anti-spam sum. It’s supposed to be the simplest option, but will talk to our webmaster about it. Thanks for not giving up, I so appreciate the messages people leave, especially Texans! I forgot to say that spiders are made from soda, syrup, whipped fresh cream and icecream.

  4. The first comments didn’t go through as the “Gotcha” had times out.

  5. Sorry the Karcha had timed out. Are you supposed to “submit Comment” first and then scroll down to do the arithmatic problem? Or first go to the bottom and do the Captcha problems? Do you press the circular arrows? Why don’t you get something to say that your comment has been received? Do you just not like “Texans” I promise that I don’t live there anymore and won’t even go back to visit if it means I can’t get Pauline’s posts. I’m really a nice person. Almost everybody likes me, I think. I was chosen on several occasions as an international humanitarian. One magazine in Europe said if I would do the article they would do the photos in the hospital lobby where I worked for the cover of the magazine. When I received a copy “Gandhi” was on the cover. I just have a difficult time getting through the “Gotchas and Captchads”. and math was never my strong suit.
    Jestfully yours

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