There were  some  special (feathered) visitors at Blackheath recently, stepping off the Cherry Blossom Express from Sydney. And goodness me, what a sight greeted them! A misty day, but utterly lovely nevertheless.


Blackheath Railway Station

Cherry tree Express.

Oh the joy of burying one’s beak in those blossoms by the platform. Just heavenly.  A dusty old pot-plant at Central Station simply could not compare.

Sparrow in the cherry tree.

So sweet.

Some  of the arrivals were tourists who returned to the city at the end of the day. However, one couple were so smitten they  decided to stay.   Plenty of house building material amid the petals for  self-builder Bob.

Sparrow collecting for its nest.

Foraging for thatching straw.


Sparrow finding nest material

A bit of greenery for accent colour.

Platform one turned out to be already  occupied. Hey Bob, Better not push in on  Mr  Sammy Sparrow Esquire.   He keeps watch on his property like a bloomin’  eagle.

Sparrow in Blackheath railway station

Sammy Sparrow on guard against intruders.

Hmm, disappointing, but the westward bound platform was still available, and the rent probably a little cheaper.  No cherry avenue here, but one  fine specimen tree.  And see that arrow? It’s pointing to a unique feature.


Oh my word, a ready made dust bath. Just the ticket after a tiring day.


Dust bath for a sparrow

Oh yes, very pleasant.


Sparrow dust bath

Snuggling down.

House finished at last…..quite traditional in design.  Just a bit of tidying up to do.

Sarrow nest at Blackheath Railway Station

Oh dear, the backyard could do with a scrub..

All things considered this move was well considered. Now where is Mrs Bob? Over at those damn cafés in the village no doubt.


Sparrow at Blackheath Station

Surveying the new neighbourhood. I think I see my wife!

A FEW WEEKS LATER…..I couldn’t see the babies, but could certainly hear them!


Sparrow at the nest.

Feeding time.

Sparrow at nest, Blackheath station.

OK, off I go for more grub…or grubs!









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