By April, autumn is well under way in the upper Blue Mountains. Today I checked some likely spots in Blackheath for  ‘fairy’ toadstools. This was taken at the intersection of Wentworth Street and Gardiner’s Crescent. There are lots more popping up.

Fly agaric inoak leaves

Fly agaric in oak leaves

The bowerbird in Memorial Park is still busy, but now he seems to be keeping rival males away rather than wooing females. A lot of his blue treasures have been stolen.


Satin Bowerbird

Defender of hearth and home.

Oh those piercing eyes.

Male adult satin bowerbird.

Looking fierce!

The Farmer’s Market is particularly busy at this time of year. Locals are joined by school holiday families up from Sydney and  ‘leaf peeping’ tourists.  Kids were having great fun under the giant oak, throwing leaves instead of snowballs (they might come later!).

Farmers' Market at Blackheath

Family fun.

Blackheath autumn Farmer's Market.


Market bounty.

Flower stall at Blackheath Farmer's Market

Flower stall featuring dahlias and chrysanthemums.









Back at home, the golden chain tree in my garden is putting on a great show. I’ve never really noticed the autumn colour before. I think it was hidden by a giant wattle.

Golden Chain Tree

Golden Chain Tree

Blackheath autumn

Tulip tree (background left)  and maples.

I do love to pick autumn leaves.  It’s  a great way of pruning.

Autumn colour.

Mostly maples.

Autumn colour

As pretty as flowers.























Look at this lovely show down at the duck pond. I think the red foliage is ash.

Autumn colour at Blackheath

By the duck pond

Silvereye in the maple tree.

Silvereye admiring the colour.

Autumn colour in Blackheath lasts right through until the end of May. Let’s hope we don’t get strong winds though.

Madame Autumn

Madame April in her tulip tree trimmed hat.




  1. I love all that wonderful color. I can’t wait for the spring colors to arrive here. I haven’t seen any sign of flowers yet. We have had grey, rainy days the past couple of days and I really hope to see the sunshine soon.

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