Now I’m pleased to report that you can still buy stamps at the Sydney G.P.O., and post your letters in those wonderful old post boxes facing George Street.

G.P.O. Sydney

Off they go…

But these days the privatised, refurbished  G.P.O building  is also home to bars, restaurants, cabaret shows, cafes and high-end fashion stores. They are collectively known as G.P.O. Grand. Entry is from Martin Place.

Entrance to G.P.O. Grand Sydney

Entrance to G.P.O. Grand










First things first….the  Maximus Café,  below the 8 storey glass atrium, is  a great place for breakfast or just a heart-starter coffee.

,,, Looking up at the atrium.

Maximus Cafe at Sydney G,P.O.

Maximus Café. A perfect start to the day.

As lunch time approaches the Sosumi Sushi Train is ready for departure.  Good grief, it’s nearly as long as the Indian Pacific.


Sushi train at Sydney G.P.O.

Ready and waiting.

It doesn’t take long before all seats are taken;


Sushi train at Sydney G.P.O.

All aboard!

Once upon a time it was lines of mail passing through,  rather than delicate Japanese dishes.

GPO Sydney letter sorting

Manning the mail stations, 1929

Cocktail hour has cometh…..


Pomegranate Blush Mojito

Pomegranate Blush Mojito.

Dinner? Well, what takes your fancy? Pizza, pasta, seafood, steak, tapas? It’s all here.


Sydney GPO dining options


Then of course there is the option of dining outside in the colannades.

Dining at Sydney GPO

Perfect on a summer evening.

I can’t help wondering what previous generations would have made of all this.

Sydney GPO 1930s

A couple more Pomegranate Blush mojitos and I may have visited the all-male cabaret show in the Crystal Bar.

Sydney GPO Cabaret

The G.P.O has changed radically, along with our society.  There is now  layer upon layer of  history represented here. In the basement you can peer  down into the foundations, where the  colony’s first water source, the Tank Stream, once ran.

The building  was privatised  in the 1990’s.  In June 2017 Australia  Post  quietly sold the freehold, creating great angst.  Oh dear,  I just try not to think about that.   Never mind, the clock still chimes  in the tower and I hope I’ll always be able to post my Christmas cards at the G.P.O. on George Street.

Reflected in time.







  1. Some wonderful images!

    • Pauline

      Thanks Marcia. A great space and a wonderful new life for the old G.P.O.

  2. Hello Pauline,
    Thankyou for your article about the Sydney GPO, now a five star International Hotel.

    I worked at the Sydney GPO as a Postmaster General Telephonist from October 1962 to October 1967.

    • Pauline

      I still love the Post Office Gloria. What wonderful memories you must have.

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