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So where could my partner and I go for a special celebration lunch in the Upper Blue Mountains? Our preference was for somewhere we’d never been before. After many recommendations on our local community site we decided to try Pins on Lurline, located in a lovely old Federation era  home in Katoomba.  It was once a guesthouse. On what was a very hot day, we were glad of the  air-conditioning.

Pins On Lurline Katoomba








We chose their weekend special  menu called Bottomless Bubbles. $80 per person for three courses and unlimited top-ups of  French wine; Veuve D’argent, from the Loire Valley. A most enjoyable drop. We had caught the train down from Blackheath, so  over-indulgence wasn’t an issue. Mind you, neither of us had to weave our way back to the station (just sayin’). The restaurant also offers a six course tasting menu and a ten course degustation with selected wines. A taxi might be required after the latter.

The style of food is best described as ‘contemporary Australian’. As with most special offers the menu choice is limited, but carefully selected. There was no problem for either of us finding something that appealed  for each course. I checked the restaurant’s on-line  reviews later and found that the majority of people  seem to choose the zucchini flowers as a starter. However, it was scallops and the  bruschetta for us.


Both these dishes were wonderful. The only problem was the enormous size of my partner’s bruschetta. He gave into temptation and ate it all, which he later regretted.  My scallops were heavenly. I loved the orange and ginger sauce.


Scallops, the perfect entree

Onto the mains;

The braised pork was meltingly delicious.

My partner wouldn’t normally order chicken when dining out, but he thought it looked interesting enough to try, and wasn’t disappointed.


The best thing for us was that the meals were complete, without the annoying need to add side dishes.  Also, and others might disagree here, we were pleased not to be offered bread or chips.  Why? Well, we are not the most disciplined diners and it’s so easy to dull one’s appetite with such things.


If I want to be really critical, two out of three desserts featuring  chocolate might have been a step too far.


We both chose the lightest of the choices, the panna cotta. It was a great end to lunch. Maybe we will try dinner there next time.

Our lunch  was a celebration to mark 250,000  visits to this website.  I forgot to mention there was a third ‘person’ with us, my associate Editor Des, who has contributed quite a few stories to the site. He wore his best suit, which  (to his joy) someone said made him look like a young Lord Byron.  No surprise that he only ordered one course….dessert.

Editor Des in his best suit.

So debonair


Editor Des

A sweet treat.










I highly recommend Pins On Lurline. Our charming waitress was helpful without being intrusive, a pet hate of mine.

ADDRESS – 132 Lurline Street, Katoomba

Reservations are recommended (02) 4782 2281




  1. Looked wonderful. I’d have gone for the panna cotta as well

    • Pauline

      I like to do reviews for local restaurants, Marcia. It was all most enjoyable.

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