Is Leura  the prettiest village in the Blue Mountains? Even as a proud Blackheathen I have to admit it is. This mural features the cool climate plants that thrive here in the Mountains; rhododendrons, camellias, spring bulbs etc.


Mural at Leura.

The garden village.

My partner  Rob and I booked into Silks Brasserie for lunch on Valentine’s Day. It’s at 128  The Mall and is a bit of an institution really.

Silk's Brasserie


There is a delightfully intimate feel about the interior, perfect for a romantic occasion. Back in 1991 this  building housed  a restaurant  called La Sala, owned by the flamboyant  entertainer Reg Livermore. His legacy is the French style bar and the chequerboard floor.

Silks Brasserie at Leura


We skipped the starters to leave room for dessert. I did yearn for those scallops though, or the mussel chowder;



My only criticism with the mains menu was that it included two pasta dishes and a burger, none of which constitute  fine dining in my opinion, but others may feel differently. We had eaten fish the night before so I ordered the lamb fillet. Unaccountably, Rob chose ‘bangers and mash’……. admittedly gourmet bangers.



My lamb was superb, as tender as could be and served with black olives in a heavenly sauce.

Lunch at Silk's in Leura

Melt-in-the mouth lamb.

Rob loved the sausages, especially the Kranski, which is a succulent combination of pork, beef, bacon and garlic.


Silks Brasserie at Leura

Rib sticking comfort food.

I struggle not to order meringues for dessert every time I eat out, but I decided to try the date pudding. After his ‘bangers’ Rob did an about turn and ordered the stylish  Affogato with Cointreau. It produced a blissful smile and made me wonder if I could manage one too.  Of course I couldn’t, but dates, butterscotch and that creative  blend of fruits was a great finale.


Lunch at Silks, Affogato

Affogato; it did look wonderful.


Of course  the loveliest time to visit Leura is when the cherry blossom is out in the divided main street.


Leura, Blue Mountains

Cherry blossom time.

We are fortunate to have so many great dining options here in the  Mountains…and in such magical locations. If you have time on a visit to this village, take your camera and go to Leura Cascades, or the lookout at Sublime Point.   Oh….and then go on to  my beautiful Blackheath!


The Cascades, Leura

Food for the soul.


Sublime Point, Leura

As far as the eye can see.




  1. I was taken to lunch in Leura a couple of years ago. I loved it and the little shops we wandered around. Lucky you living near Leura.

  2. Looks wonderful. Makes me wish it wasn’t so far from Canada. Just too far to go for dinner. 🙂

    • Pauline

      Well of course I feel exactly the same way about Canada, Diane. My great nephew is a snowboarding chef and recently spent a year in your country. His dream is to go through all the steps to be able to return permanently.

  3. Wow! That’s a big move. I hope all goes well with him. What part is he hoping to come to?

    • Pauline

      Well he was in Banff, so I guess that’s where he wants to return.

  4. I can understand that. It is beautiful there. I have only been there once as it is a couple of thousand miles from where I live, but I loved it there.

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