How lucky we Blackheathens are to have someone as talented as  glass artist Keith Rowe in our midst. He built the huge furnace  pictured below himself, back in 1990.  His work is represented in public and private galleries around the world.

Glass furnace at Keith Rowe's studio in Blackheath.
The great furnace.

The studio is located at the Blackheath  business centre, across the railway line  in Station Street.

Keith  is very happy for people to go along and watch him work. He is usually there on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm, and similar hours on several other days during the week. It’s wise to check first though, to avoid disappointment (Mobile No.  0414 977 220). He and his partner Kayo Yokoyama have a retail shop in Blackheath village. Kaya is a glass artist in her own right, and is also responsible for the creative engraving on many of Keith’s pieces.

I love watching the whole, quite involved process of transforming a  blob of molten glass into  an object of beauty.

Keith Rowe, glassblower of Blackheath
Artist at work.
Glass blower's furnace
The glowing ‘glory hole’ of the  furnace.
Glass blowing
Back in….
Glass blower Keith Rowe
And blow….
Art glass at Keith Rowe's studio i Blackheath.
Voila! It’s a plate.

Keith’s  work is very much inspired by nature and the beauty of his surroundings, including of course  the Blue Mountains.

His art sculptures took pride of  place at last year’s  exhibition of carnivorous plants at The Calyx,  in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens.  What a great outing  it was  for kids on school holidays, they adore anything a bit ‘creepy’.

Art sculpture by Keith Rowe Sydney Botanical Gardens
This beauty doesn’t bite.
Plants That Bite exhibition t Sydney's Botanical Gardens.
Just stunning, both plants and glass sculptures.
Pitcher plants by artist Keith Rowe of Blackheath.
Pitcher plants.

Pictured below is a large range of pieces on display at the Station Street studio. Oh, and  here is Pauline’s  ‘insiders’ tip. There is an oddments bin outside where you pick up an imperfect, but still lovely object for a mere $5. I found a great paperweight for my  new study.

Keith Rowe's hand blown glass at Blackheath
The glorious end products

Here is a link to Keith’s WEBSITE.

  1. I have great admiration for all those with such artistic talents

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