The Blue Mist Cafe is located at 8 Station Street, Wentworth Falls. Have to say it looks very old-world and inviting.

Exterior of the Blue Mist Cafe.
The Blue Mist Cafe.

My partner Rob and I had been to a kitchen showroom up the road, and needed to discuss a few things. Coffee always helps consensus.

We had also both been for fasting blood tests in Katoomba, so a PROPER breakfast was required. Our usual porridge just would not cut it. Plus, there are occasions when fluffy white bread toast blows all those fancy, but leathery alternatives out of the water. Add eggs cooked to perfection and a generous pile of bacon….well, what’s not to love?

Old fashioned breakfast.

Since we chose such a traditional meal I feel I have not done justice to the Blue Mist’s menu, but check it out online. Next time we visit I might try my eggs with corn cakes, avo and smoked salmon.

Upstairs, joy of joys for a writery type like me, there is a bookshop, comfy sofas and more tables.


The bookshop reminds me that right above our table was this framed portrait of Rachel Carson.

To my shame I had forgotten why she is celebrated. But of course Carson was the author of the groundbreaking environmental book, Silent Spring. It was published in 1962, but never did we need to heed her warnings more. RACHEL CARSON

I loved this friendly, relaxed place. I should add that the sweet lady who took my blood up in Katoomba recommended the Blue Mist to us. Thanks very much!

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