First trip to Sydney on the train for a very long time. I was a bit nervous, especially re social distancing on the train as I’m immune-suppressed. Only medical checkups for my partner Rob and I had prompted the journey, but it still felt like a little adventure.

It was a rainy old ‘Bleakheath’ morning, so the limited platform seats were not an option anyway.

I wonder whether there will be any form of rhodo festival this year? It would be such a great way to celebrate after the fires and everything else that has befallen our community.

Maybe my leap of faith did not equal the mythical feat of the famous Mr William Govett, but it seemed appropriate to pose under the recently restored mural.

The little library in the station waiting room has been emptied out.

We had purposely avoided peak hour and to my relief there were very few people in our carriage. Seats were marked clearly in accordance with distancing rules. No need for the masks we had brought along.

Rob and I celebrated quietly in a cafe at Westmead. The staff were beaming, the coffee was nectar of the gods and the carrot cake was delicious. Do you know what? It felt a little bit like NORMALITY!!

A cafe visit after our leap of faith trip to Sydney.
  1. We all need a slice of this 🙂

  2. And after it all, I trust the results of your check-ups were positive!

    • Pauline

      Far healthier than I deserve to be Marcia! Must be that broccoli Rob makes me eat!

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