I am a latecomer to what has become known as iso-baking. However, I was listening to late night ABC radio recently when an elderly lady called in with an extraordinary recipe for pumpkin scones. ‘Just two ingredients‘. she said. Wow, it sounded so simple even I decided to give it a go. Thankfully the panic buying of flour was over.

I must say I was amazed at how inexpensive flour is. My husband Rob’s ancestor William Conolly owned the Goulburn flour mill and I doubt it cost much more way back then.

A recipe is not really required. Just add enough self raising flour to your soup until you have a soft scone dough consistency. Cut ’em up and bake in a hot oven for about fifteen minutes. I did add chopped parley and thyme to my mix. OK, here is a proper recipe if you want one.

Reserve some dough to make pumpkin dumplings. They are delicious in a stew. Note that I’m sticking to my Aussie theme here with the Blue Wren plate.

Oh my word, just the thing for a freezing Blue Mountains winter.

I suspect Iso-baking will take its place beside Depression Era Dining. And two ingredient pumpkin soup will become as iconic as ANZAC biscuits.

POSTSCRIPT – Oh no! I have created a monster. Received a completely unsolicited gift from Rob today.

New scone tray!

I worry that he may soon be expecting home made bread, although perhaps that may be easier than I imagine. As  Delia Falconer  wrote  in her   lyrical   novel, The Service of Clouds  (set in the Blue Mountains):  ‘She had read about this place; where kitchens were built at such high altitudes that the clouds drifted into bread through open windows and made it rise without the use of yeast.’

An even bigger fear is that his desires will advance to sponge cakes and souffles!

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