What an unusually high temperature we had on Thursday. Even the breeze was warm. Maybe it doesn’t bode well for summer, but I did revel in it, and so did the crimson rosellas. Time to get out and about, much as I appreciate the delights of home.

Crimson Rosella

When I walk out onto Gipps Lane I see my garden from a completely different perspective. The helebores are still blooming below the studio and I can look up into their faces.

Looking into the 'faces' of helebores as I walk below my garden.

On a fence post at the corner of Gipps Lane and Wills Street an Eastern Yellow Robin was keeping a sharp eye our insects. He has a nest carefully hidden in our shrubbery.

Poor old bowerbird in Memorial Park has been dealing with a rival who keeps destroying his bower. But to his credit he never gives up, just rebuilds with admirable determination.

Oh my word, just look at those scarlet camellias. Most of mine are still only in bud and none are as magnificent as this beauty.

Just the sight of this would make my walk to the village worthwhile.

This property has a lavender hedge that seems to flower all year round. So sweet.

Cottage style perfection.

Magnolia in its full glory.

My walk to Blackheath is enhanced by this gorgeous magnolia.

And here we have a living wall of Pieris japonica.

A living wall of Pieris japonica

My thanks to all the gardeners in Blackheath who make my walk to the village so enjoyable, whatever the season.

On the way home I wandered past a beautiful pied currawong. I hope these regal fellows never take up swooping on humans, as maggies are wont to do!

Currawong observing the world as I walk by.

I swear my silver wattle’s blooms advanced markedly in the hour I was away.

  1. Very enjoyable post Pauline. Lovely image of a Yellow Robin….and the vistas of flowers were stunning.

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