Industry Beans is a great little breakfast spot on Sydney’s York Street… number 40.

Industry Beans in York Street Sydney

If you are on the way to work you can grab a coffee and a bakery snack (or even a bag of their specialty coffee beans to take home).


When there is time to linger over a meal, there are some interesting choices, all presented with flair. My partner is not very adventurous, but a little dish of chilli ‘jam’ spiced up his scrambled egg. I think that might be deep pink stardust on the left.

Scrambled egg with chilli jam from Industry Beans.

If you need something to brighten up your day…. see below😍 This is called Pandan Bubble Waffle. It’s a (very green 😎) waffle with blueberry gelato, coconut gel, sesame brittle, banana coconut foam and fresh seasonal fruit. Oh…and sweet little flowers.

A breakfast at Industry Beans when you need to be cheered up!

Here are a few other meal options at Industry Beans.

A section of the menu at Industry Beans, in Sydney.

Let’s not forget Avocado Smash for the GenXers. 😎 Served with whipped ricotta, lime gel, beetroot dust and green tea salt…..on soughdough.

And for Boomers (like me) -well, what about Overnight Oats with chia crumble, caramelised ginger foam, compressed watermelon and fresh fruit.

For background on the business and info on their coffee roasting.

By the way, not far away (across the street) is the York Club. There is an interesting, though tragic story associated with this location. If you are interested in crime, CLICK HERE.

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