I was charmed to come across this little street library outside the old Presbyterian Church Hall in Wentworth Street. The first time I saw it there were even little prayer books inside. I was touched, because the church itself (next door) is struggling with a dwindling congregation. I remember a newspaper report in the Gazette stating that on one Sunday there were only seven people in attendance , and three of those were from Mount Victoria!

Just look how the design of the library matches the roofline of the hall.

The Street Library in Wentworth Street Blackheath.
Prayer books in the little street library by the church hall.

When I walked past a week or so later there were some sweet additions. Gifts had been placed inside, and there was a cheerful bunch of tulips attached to the adjacent fence post. What a delightful sense of community.

I happened to have my associate Editor Des with me at the time, and he desperately wanted to add a treasure of his own. By the way, the purple prayer books had gone.

The street Library suddenly included little treasures.


Hmm, what could Des put in the library? Back at home he found a tiny wombat pot he thought somebody might like. It was surplus to his requirements. And then he had another idea….he could put in some money, and give the person who took it out a lovely surprise.
A pot of silver for the street library from Editor Des.

It was a rainy old day when we managed to get back. I sheltered under my brolly as Des carefully put his ‘pot of silver’ on the shelf. Surely those bright eyes will be impossible to resist. Of course gold would have been much better, but to be fair, he doesn’t earn much…….well that’s because he is employed by me! 😂

Des places his treasure on the shelf.

Now to see if his gift appeals to anyone. He wanted to go back and check ten minutes later, but I persuaded him to wait at least a day. Oh bear of little patience! 😎💛

  1. Lovely little story. Thanks.

  2. Love those community libraries. My son arrived in Blackheath yesterday for a weeks holiday. I’ll tell him to look out for the library 🤗

    • Pauline

      Wonderful Perry. I hope he enjoys his time in our little town.

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