I do realize that Katoomba is a long way from Paris,  but we Blue Mountains residents adore  croissants as much as anyone else around the world.  This sulphur crested cockatoo is no different. But which ones to choose?   Well don’t look at me mate, it’s entirely  your decision.

Katoomba Cocky looking for a French treat.

What do you suggest Miss Pauline?

Oh my word, I was only asking for a recommendation!  Well, the almond ones look scrumptious ‘


Katoomba Cocky surveying croissants and dreaming of Paris.

They do look good!

I think I’ll just  pop in and buy a couple. Hope they can see me over the counter . I could always raise my crest like a little flag. Even low  flying in a cafe is considered beyond the pale.


Now I feel a bit of a hypocrite photographing a Cocky in Katoomba, because I have previously  moaned about them being fed by tourists and making a nuisance of themselves.

Here is one that looks very familiar waiting for breakfast in another location. I’ll bet it was the French Hot Bread he was after, not the Vietnamese Pork Roll.


Rob and I didn’t hang about to see where he ate his croissants, but it may have been in the gardens of the Carrington Hotel. It’s a pleasant spot for a snack if you can’t afford to go in.

Meanwhile we  had finished our shopping and wandered further up Katoomba Street  to the Little Paris Cafe. Those pastries had sparked a desire for something with a French flavour.   

A little bit of Paris in Katoomba



Apologies if the prices on this menu  are not current.  Oh yes, and a word to the  sulphur crested cocky …..croissants are on offer if you prefer dining in over paper bag  take-aways.


We decided on Croque Monsieur for Rob and  Toulouse Sausage Baguette for me. I can’t say the baguette was like any I have eaten in France, but it was delicious nevertheless; crispy on the outside and soft inside. The filling was  sausage, caramelized onion, mayo and relish. Eaten with relish by me I might add.


In conclusion. There is an old joke that a man had a plate broken over his head when he  saw ‘quiche’ on a Katoomba cafe menu and innocently asked for ‘a quickie’.  😨 Which Blue Mountains village the man hailed from I will refrain from stating.



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