The quirky business card from Bowery in Katoomba gives a clue to what you will find inside the old  St Andrews church building,,,other than the great food I mean.  By the way, that’s Mr Lorikeet, dressed to impress.


Bowery business card.

Bird related items  form part of the restaurant’s eclectic decor.


One of many framed prints of native birds. This of course is the galah, or the rose-breasted cockatoo as is prefers to be known.

But let’s get down to what we are here for. My partner Rob and I decided to share a sweet dish and a savoury one.

And yes, this was just as delicious as it looks. Fresh berries in July, now that’s a bit special.



On to dish two. I can never resist hash browns. they bring back memories of New York, and breakfast in crowded little diners. I so loved  watching  short-order chefs  flipping eggs and frying potatoes  amid the steam of coffee. Oh the anticipation!

Bowery hash browns are more sophisticated than these!

Hash browns and eggs over-easy.

Admittedly the Bowery interpretation is a little more sophisticated.

The hash browns were hidden under those poached eggs we added as a side. I made Rob eat the beetroot. 🥸


Look at this lovely old stained glass window. I’m not religious, but the light streaming through lifted my spirits in these troubled times.


Stained glass window at Bowery in Katoomba.


BRUNCH, what a civilized meal. And where better to enjoy it than Bowery?

If you book latish, you may be able to justify ordering a cocktail. 😎🍹




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  1. What a beautiful window. I loved Stained Glass!

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