Butter is one of the joys of life in my opinion. Mind you, I’m a dairy  farmer’s daughter, so that’s hardly a surprise.  But..er, 😎  can this age old, natural product be improved upon?   YES IT CAN!



Compound butter - a selection



Compound butter is simply butter incorporated with other flavours. It sounds a lot better in French…… Beurre composé. 

Speaking of France, my first experiments began when I was trying to make the most of precious truffles I’d bought for my partner Rob’s birthday.

So good on crackers or on a juicy fillet steak…or new potatoes.



Herb butters came next. Our lovely French gardener Christophe  brings me parsley and sage from his own property, because I just  can’t seem to grow the damn things. Here he is at the front door with pies, parsley and a wonderful smile …what a sight to gladden the heart. 😍


Christophe arriving with goodies.

A warm smile and a bouquet of parsley


This is beurre persillé  a la Christophe, with some honey mustard added,


Compound butter; parsley and honey mustard.

Parsley and honey mustard butter.

Here it is on a steak. Not my photo, because I was too busy eating to take a pic.  Doesn’t that look superb?

Compound butter (parsley and mustard) on steak.

SOURCE- jesspryles.com

And now for the sage; said to be aid  to memory and wisdom (I need help with both!)  Christophe brought us so much of this in summer that I dried some for use all year.  Previously  this herb had just meant stuffing for poultry to me. However, I consulted good old Dr. Google and voilà! 



Christophe told me that in France it is a common accompaniment  to potatoes.





I should have used unsalted butter really. I only made this because I bought a jar of anchovies in oil and then didn’t know what to do with them all.   😎 What you do is mash the anchovies and finely chop a couple of cloves of garlic. Sauté them gently together and when they are cold, incorporate them into the  butter. You can add a little lemon juice if you like, and black pepper.



I served it to  Rob and Christophe for morning tea; spread on crackers with tomato on top.


They both loved it, but  I think the best way to use it is on hot food; meats, fish; anything  really. The same night Rob and I had a  simple dinner of  vegetables with  grated parmesan cheese and lots anchovy butter on top. Honestly, it was sublime.

Another way to use it is  on scrambled egg. I served it with cheesy carrots and broccolini. Sorry, my presentation was not the best;

Another idea is to melt it onto sweet potato, the purple skinned variety that tastes a bit like Chestnut.  It’s perfect for a Blue Mountains winter evening accompanied by beef and red wine casserole.


My final  few anchovies were used up by mashing them with tomato paste, black pepper and butter. A morning tea snack on toast at the woodheap;


Of course compound butter doesn’t have to be savoury.  You can use sweet versions on pancakes. pikelets,  crumpets, toast, waffles …. all manner of things.  Here is a recipe of my own invention. No quantities given, just put what you think and do a taste test. That’s what I do anyway.

The idea is to chop some raisins and soak them in orange juice overnight. Grate the rind of the orange and add to the mix with some honey. Then, just incorporate it all into the butter.



Ingredients for sweet compound butter.

Just the thing on toasted crumpets.


Orange and raisin compound butter on crumpets.


Or just toast;



Here it is spread on carrot and walnut cake for afternoon tea;

Sweet compound butter.

Enjoy with a cup of tea and biscotti.















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