Bowery restaurant is located in Katoomba’s old St Andrew’s Church building (built 1914) at 56 Waratah Street. It was recommended to us by a food loving Frenchman, so we thought it must be worth a visit.   😍 The food is not French. though…it’s classed as Modern Australian, with an emphasis on local, seasonal produce.

The large, open space of the old church feels remarkably cozy. This is no doubt  due to the timber lined ceiling and the  restaurant’s decor. The latter  is an eclectic mix of vintage collectibles and prints.  The artworks nearest our table  featured native birds and flowers.


OK, everyone knows that sulphur crested cockatoos rule the streets of Katoomba. They gaze wistfully  into the windows of cafes hoping for a hand-out. Please don’t give in to them!


The Bowery has a Katoomba Cockatoo Cocktail.

Hmmm,,,,what shall I have?

I thought  Bowery’s decision to embrace these cheeky  birds   in a cocktail  was a stroke of genius. How could I not order one?



My partner Rob and I both had the same starter, which was soft shell crab roti with a tasty dip.  Probably one between us would have been enough.


Rob ordered BLACK RICE NASI GORENG as a main course.  This was, according to him, very good. It was a combination of shiitake mushroom, charred vegetables, peanut satay, cucumber, and Asian salad. Oh yes, topped by a fried egg.


My choice was seafood tacos; filets of battered flathead with charred corn, red cabbage and a tomato salsa. To be honest, it would never have occurred to me to put battered fish in a taco, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


We shared a large side dish of steamed vegetables.



No desserts for us, as we had somewhat over-ordered and left ourselves no room.

Our bill was presented on a saucer featuring hellebores, the ‘winter roses’ of the Blue Mountains. It was a nice touch, and very appropriate.

Bowery was pretty busy the day we were there (Sunday), so I’d say it’s wise to book. Next  time we will go for brunch. Oh, just a thought….would that be too early for  a cockatoo cocktail?   😎





  1. Great review Pauline! I would love to take a visit to Katoomba for lunch at the Bowery.

    • Pauline

      Thanks Megan. We are going there for brunch tomorrow.

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