Blackheath Rhododendron Festival

Blackheath Rhododendron  Festival

Hello from  Editor Des Oh dear, I had to put on my little  rain hat and gumboots for the Rhodo Festival…and it was their big Diamond Jubilee one too, just like the Queen of England is celebrating.   I seem to remember it  has rained on most

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Des Visits Wind Eroded Cave & Anvil Rock, Blackheath

Des Visits Wind Eroded Cave  & Anvil Rock, Blackheath

A Double Bunger Day Out, by Editor Des Hello down there! Here’s my first travel /history article  and yes  I have had a little  help from  my friend Dr Bob.  I am stepping into the  breach (that’s a  cliché,  but a good one) for my guardian  Pauline

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  I chose this story because Gnome is  now a close neighbour of mine. He played a special part in  Pauline’s book,  All Along the River. Here is a little piece from the manuscript: ‘There was a touch of the surreal about the outdoor cafe we visited

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