There is such a strong association between Christmas and bells. Images of them  adorn our trees and  greeting cards, and the faithful are summoned to church by them on Christmas morning. I wasn’t sure whether to post this as history or humour, but the humour  is

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A HIVE OF ACTIVITY; Promoting The Water Doctor’s Daughters

A HIVE OF ACTIVITY; Promoting The Water Doctor's Daughters

In The Beginning..The Water Doctor’s Daughter’s When I was writing my true crime book, The Water Doctor’s Daughters, I had a moment of panic and said to my husband Rob, ‘Oh dear, what if someone publishes this one day and I have to give talks about it?’ 

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The Water Doctor’s Daughters – Book Launch March 23

Have just spent a wonderful  but busy few days in Great  Malvern and Worcester finalizing arrangements for the launch of the Water Doctor’s Daughters on March 23rd. It’s to be held at 2.00pm  in the spacious  Morgan Bar at Malvern’s  historic Foley Arms Hotel.  I will be

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In my non-fiction  book, The Water Doctor’s Daughters,  Queen Victoria is a central figure. Early in  1842,  Victoria employed a well educated young Frenchwoman as one of her wardrobe mistresses.  Célestine Doudet  was  born in Rouen  on June  15 1817,  to a  highly regarded French army officer 

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Confessions of a Schoolgirl Accordian Player.

Confessions of a Schoolgirl  Accordian Player.

MISGUIDED  MUSICAL AMBITION After watching too many episodes of  Australia’s  Got Talent,  my associate Editor Des has  decided   he wants to become a famous musician. He desperately wanted to play a keyboard instrument, but let’s face it, he just doesn’t have finger dexterity.  After a lot of

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Blackheath Rhododendron Festival

Blackheath Rhododendron  Festival

Hello from  Editor Des Oh dear, I had to put on my little  rain hat and gumboots for the Rhodo Festival…and it was their big Diamond Jubilee one too, just like the Queen of England is celebrating.   I seem to remember it  has rained on most

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Des Visits Wind Eroded Cave & Anvil Rock, Blackheath

Des Visits Wind Eroded Cave  & Anvil Rock, Blackheath

A Double Bunger Day Out, by Editor Des Hello down there! Here’s my first travel /history article  and yes  I have had a little  help from  my friend Dr Bob.  I am stepping into the  breach (that’s a  cliché,  but a good one) for my guardian  Pauline

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  I chose this story because Gnome is  now a close neighbour of mine. He played a special part in  Pauline’s book,  All Along the River. Here is a little piece from the manuscript: ‘There was a touch of the surreal about the outdoor cafe we visited

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