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The Water Doctor’s Daughters Literary Walk; St Leonards.

THE MARSDEN SISTERS MOVE SOUTH This is an extension of The Water Doctor’s Daughters’ original literary walk  around the town of  Great Malvern, Worcestershire. In 1876 Dr James Marsden separated from his second wife Mary to pursue an affair with  Sabina  Welch, a servant girl from Malvern.   Emily, the

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  It is such a privilege to have access to someone’s diaries. I  find myself handling  them with something akin to reverence. Recently I  have been in Sydney’s Mitchell Library  reading those  of  English writer Sylvia Townsend Warner.  Sylvia began them in 1927,  the year after she

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Serendipity; A Literary Pilgrimage In New York

Serendipity;  A Literary Pilgrimage In New York

  When  a Sydney radio station announced the  death of actress Anne Bancroft in 2005  there was an immediate response  from callers. They spoke of her  enduring marriage to comedian Mel Brooks and of her wonderful  theatre and movie performances. However, no one mentioned the film for

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It’s an extraordinary thing having two very different books published in one year, and  it would be  quite impossible for me to choose my favourite. My first, The Water Doctor’s Daughters, has a special place in my heart due to its content.  I became so emotionally involved

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Sydney Launch of The Water Doctor’s Daughters

  THE GENESIS OF THE LAUNCH I hadn’t  considered  a separate launch for The Water  Doctor’s Daughters in Australia, but a few  months ago a generous  offer came from  Sydney’s  Ashfield  Library to do a book signing.  It was to be part of their very popular  ‘Authors

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A HIVE OF ACTIVITY; Promoting The Water Doctor’s Daughters

A HIVE OF ACTIVITY; Promoting The Water Doctor's Daughters

In The Beginning..The Water Doctor’s Daughter’s When I was writing my true crime book, The Water Doctor’s Daughters, I had a moment of panic and said to my husband Rob, ‘Oh dear, what if someone publishes this one day and I have to give talks about it?’ 

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I thought I’d write a  brief report on the official launch of The Water Doctor’s Daughters in Great Malvern.  Editor Des was supposed to do it, but he was still in recovery from an unfortunate incident in London [see end of article]. WELL, THE BIG DAY DAWNED

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The Water Doctor’s Daughters – Book Launch March 23

Have just spent a wonderful  but busy few days in Great  Malvern and Worcester finalizing arrangements for the launch of the Water Doctor’s Daughters on March 23rd. It’s to be held at 2.00pm  in the spacious  Morgan Bar at Malvern’s  historic Foley Arms Hotel.  I will be

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In my non-fiction  book, The Water Doctor’s Daughters,  Queen Victoria is a central figure. Early in  1842,  Victoria employed a well educated young Frenchwoman as one of her wardrobe mistresses.  Célestine Doudet  was  born in Rouen  on June  15 1817,  to a  highly regarded French army officer 

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Dr Tardieu – advocate for abused children

Dr Tardieu - advocate for abused children

This brief article  is a tribute to a very special  Frenchman;  Dr Auguste Ambroise Tardieu,  who was born in Paris in 1818.     Dr Tardieu headed the team of  French doctors who performed a post-mortem on the disinterred body of English schoolgirl Marian Marsden in 1854. 

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