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Hello from Editor Des and some English friends

Well I have been traveling around England and OH MY WORD, I do like all the lollies here. I have to remember to call them sweets though, because English  people think lollies are only  on sticks! I thought I would share some pictures with you.  I have tried all sorts  since we arrived; a few I pinched when nobody was watching, but mostly I bought them with my very pathetic  editor’s wages.

Have you heard of Brighton Rock? It’s very hard candy with words written through it. Isn’t that clever?

Brighton Rock of all kinds!

Brighton Rock of all kinds!

Some people put  rude words in the rock. I didn’t buy those ones.


With my friends at pebbly Brighton Beach eating rock!

With my friends at pebbly Brighton Beach eating rock! We took our clothes off but didn’t have any  bathers to wear.  People said they wouldn’t care in Brighton!

England is very multi-cultural   (Yes, I had trouble with that word)  and so now they sell Turkish Delight!  My employer  Pauline Conolly told me off for eating  some without paying when we were in Bournemouth. But  I was just checking to see which ones  I liked best.  I don’t think that’s wrong,  do you? And anyway, she does  the same thing with grapes and cherries in the supermarket! I  tried every sort, but  still  couldn’t decide which ones  to get. By then  I was feeling a bit sick so I sneaked  away. The lady behind the stall shouted at me. Bahahah…. I didn’t care….I just walked faster.

BournemouthDay2 040

Well Pauline  loves fudge and she eats far too much in my opinion. She says the best kind is crumbly Penrith Fudge, which she buys from Fortnum and Mason in London….that’s a very posh shop so we don’t go there very often Mind you, she seemed to think the  fudge  in the photo below was pretty good.


Creamy English Fudge

Creamy English Fudge


We went to a little shop in place called Lincoln , where they had  every  sort of sweet you could think of.  So far it’s my favourite shop in the whole world. It was very old-fashioned, with a funny old radio and a proper  cash register with a bell. It’s called Goodies, and is in a street called Steep Hill. If you eat too many lollies you can’t climb the hill, so it’s best to park your car down the bottom really.

My favourite lolly shop

My favourite lolly shop

They had packs of sweets made up for people who grew up in the 1990’s, the 1980’s etc.  They even had one for the 1950’s, when Pauline was little.  She was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t find any Fruit Tingles  or Jaffas or Cobbers in it, but they didn’t know she was from Australia!! She liked the humbugs best.

Nostalgia Packs!

Nostalgia Packs!

Here is my big confession.  I love Pick’n’Mix sweeties. Pauline says they are disgusting, which makes me love them even more!

Cheap and cheerful Pick'n'mix.

Cheap and cheerful Pick’n’mix.


Well I was going to finish here, but Pauline was so upset about the pick’n’mix  that we made a special trip to Fortnum and Mason for her precious  Penrith fudge and other snobbish things such as Violet Creams at twenty quid a box! TWENTY QUID!!

Handmade toffee and fudge from Penrith.

Handmade toffee and fudge from Penrith.

And here is some more F & M  fudge and Ooh…. candied fruits and marshmallows. They had wonderful chocolates of course, but they are not really lollies, are they? Well Hershey Kisses are I think. And chocolate bullets might be.

Fortnum and Mason's Fudge

Fortnum and Mason’s Fudge

Marshmallows and candies fruits - Fortnum & Mason.

Marshmallows and candied fruits – Fortnum & Mason.

Well we didn’t have time to go to Scotland. It was a shame, because I wanted to try  Mars Bars fried in batter.  And Pauline wanted to buy something called Tablet. She said it has magical  qualities, and that a Scottish boyfriend once seduced her with it.  Yes, she did say that!

What are your favourite lollies, or sweets, or candies……Americans say candy you know.

If you leave me a message, don’t forget to do the sum underneath the box…it won’t be a difficult one, I promise.




  1. Now this is the sweetest topic you have ever written about – pun intended. My favorite “candy” -chocolate – dark chocolate, specifically, the darker the better.

    Smiles, Nancy

    • Pauline

      Miss Nancy, everybody seem to love chocolate. Mind you don’t eat TOO MUCH. Ha ha. xx Love Des

  2. Well well well DES. You have been very busy, and learning lots about sweets. Lollies, as you know, are on sticks. Lollypops and ice lollies. But there are so many lovely sweeties to try in England. I love turkish delight especially the chocolate covered kind. And chocolate covered marzipan, and chocolate maltesers, and chocolate walnut whips.. Actually I love most things if they are covered in chocolate. Aren’t I bad ? I really love Jelly babies. Did you try any of those DES ? They wouldbe the perfect sizwe for you. And dolly mixture mix ? Just be careful not to eat too many sweeties or you will not be able to fit into Pauline’s suitcase to make it back home to Australia. Be good and have fun.

    • Pauline

      I can see I will have to keep researching Susan. Every day I have to run along the Thames towpath so I can fit more sweeties in. I will do a bloggie especially for you about CHOCOLATE! Love Des

  3. Oh Pauine those sweets! Takes me back to Scotland in the very early 50’s. My favourite sweet was Tablet sometimes called Swiss Milk Tablet. Oh how delicious that was. You have encouraged me to look up the recipe on line – thanks. Did you see any in Harrods?? Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    • Pauline

      Ann, I love Tablet. I had a Scottish boyfriend years ago in New Zealand who used to make it for me. It was the best thing about him!

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