Well here is a letter  to Santa written by a little Australian  boy called Paddy, over a hundred years ago.

Letter to Santa by Patrick White

Who do you think Paddy was? (see answer at the bottom of this story). He was only  six years old, so we can certainly excuse a few spelling mistakes.

Now do you think a fellow aged 22 and ¾ is too old to write to Santa? I don’t.  My guardian  Pauline Conolly often  says I am immature and childish, which I think means ‘young at heart.’   So I thought I’d give it a go.

I forgot a few things.
I forgot a few things. Might have to write again.

If you make the envelope look pretty it has more chance of catching Santa’s eye.  I read that in a book.

A bit of glitter helps make it stand out.
A bit of glitter helps make it stand out.

I kept asking Pauline to take me up to the post office, but she said she was too busy (*#!#*!#). When we finally got there it was closed! For heavens sake!

Oh, for heaven's sake, I couldn't post my letter to Santa.
Oh, good grief!

I had to take my letter back home, and it will probably be too late to get to Santa at the North Pole.  Because look how far it is,  and that’s just from Sydney.  Little Blackheath is miles further.

I had to take my letter to Santa back home.
I had to take it back home. I cried.

We  all had to go to Sydney next day. Pauline said  maybe I could post it  down there, but I didn’t think that would be the same thing  at all.

Well we drove  back up the mountains to Blackheath as quick as we could on Tuesday. It was ten to five when Dr Bob parked the car behind the Post Office. I shot out of the car like a bullet.   And  YES…I made it!!

Oh, the relief! Posting a letter to Santa.
Oh, the relief!

All the letters  end up in Mr Santa’s letter box in the North Pole. His helpers sort them out.


All I can do now is wait and hope. If you happen to read this Santa, I would also like a lot of lollies (and ciggies…ha ha, only joking).  I have been quite good  all year in my opinion.

Have you ever written a letter to Santa? And did he bring what you wanted?? Pauline said she asked for a pony once, but she didn’t get one. Just as well…she wouldn’t have looked after it properly. If it wasn’t for dear Dr Bob I’d starve.

Here is a funny letter written by a young  fellow called Bobbie, in 1937. It was addressed to Mr Santa Claws, South Pole, Russia. Haha, not very good at geography young man !. Anyway, it said;

Dear Santa Claws, Plese will you bring me a eyrephane wot flies hi and a bycycle plese. I want one bad and I have been a good boy you ask mum. Thanks I will go to sleep Bobbie.

Crikey, the spelling was not the best either….I know that’s harsh, but well….I’m an editor.



  1. Dear Editor Des,
    not even Blackheath is too far away for me, though it might take me a little while longer to get there all the way from the North Pole. Perhaps instead of milk and biscuits, you might leave me a little something stronger, like a milkshake of course, what did you think I meant?
    I love the photos, did you know that red is my favourite colour..I’m so glad you finally got to post your letter and such a pretty envelope as well. Mrs. Claus puts all the pretty envelopes in her special scrapbook. You were very good only asking for two things, though I was a little disappointed that you asked for ciggies, till I realised you were joking. Cheeky…I’ll see what I can do about the lollies, but I suspect that by the time the elves have finished packing my sleigh, and taste testing, that there might not b many lollies left. You have been a good bear, mostly, so I will be sure to find something special.
    Now behave, even if it is hard and be kind to Pauline and Dr. Bob, after all they are very patient with you and take you lots of nice places.
    Say Hello to Grannie Jean.. I’ll see her later.
    hugs and secret whispers, Santa

    • Pauline

      Oh good grief! Dear Mr Santa, thank you for answering my letter. I am going to be ever so good from now until Christmas Day, so I would appreciate it if you could tell those elves not to eat all the lollies. Please note I will be in Sydney….so come there thank you. I’m always kind to Dr Bob. It’s more difficult with Pauline, but I will try hard. Lots of love and I hope you won’t get too tired, Editor Des. xxx

  2. Dear Editor Des, it’s ok, lovely to know you have such good manners, but please just call me Santa. Mr. Santa was my dear Dad. Don’t worry about the lollies, if the elves eat them all, I will leave you a few from my secret stash, just don’t tell Mrs. Claus. She does her best to keep me on a diet, but really, who wants a skinny Santa?
    It’s ok, I know you’ll be in Sydney, one of the elves has already programmed that into my GPS..don’t look so surprised. The reindeers love technology, I’ve even seen Rudolph with a red laser tucked under his collar in case he gets really tired and his nose fades..he hasn’t had to use it yet, but just in case.
    I enjoy your notes, but I am really busy now. I am looking at my list and checking it twice, so I can see who’s been naughty or nice.. Now Editor Des… Mmm..not there..oh, dear, oh, wait, I was checking the naughty list..you’re not there of course!
    Now be good and do try to be nice to everyone..
    Ho,Ho,Ho…Merry Christmas…

  3. Dear Editor Des,
    I’m not Mr. Santa, but I truly enjoyed your blog. I hope you receive everything on your list..cigs excluded, of course. You must be sure to brush your teeth after every lollie. Cherry is my favorite so feel free to send me any cherry ones you might receive. I promise to be good…at least until Christmas. I’m so glad Mr. Bob was able to get you to the post office in time. I never wrote a letter to Santa myself, sad as that is, but my children and grandchildren have and they always got what they asked for because they are ever so good. I hope you will be kind enough to leave Santa a little nip to warm him up along with a biscuit or two.
    Have a very happy Christmas and New Year.
    CJ Vermote

    • Pauline

      Well thank you very much dear Ms CJ. I often feel somewhat under appreciated, so a letter from a real live author like you has lifted my heart right up to the stars. I am going to leave Santa some hot milk and Baileys and a piece of carrot cake, because Pauline said that’s what he would really love. Thank you again, Editor Des. xx

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