Hello, Editor Des here,



Well I have been searching  all over Sydney for the best Christmas tree.

I found the first one in Cremorne when we were having a little holiday. I thought I really set it off.  I’m a true ornament.  Hahaha. Red and green is very Christmassy I reckon. Unfortunately  a man came and told me to get off in case I got electrocuted.




But how about a gold tree? Very trendy with its stylized reindeer.

I like a bit of bling!

I like a bit of bling!











My granny Jean lives in a place for people who are a bit old and weary.  Someone puts up a Christmas tree for them, so they don’t have to find all their old baubles and tinsel. It’s very pretty.


This will make Granny Jean happy.

This will make Granny Jean happy.

In the Chatswood shopping centre there are big and little Christmas tree snuggled up  together. I think they must have felt sorry for the baby one and didn’t want to leave it behind. Quite sweet really.


Mother and child.

Mother and child.


My guardian Pauline Conolly made her own Christmas tree this year. She decorated a little rose bush. Its a bit weird and creepy I think, but she seems to like it.

Pauline's tree. Hmmmmm

Pauline’s tree. Hmmmmm

And do you know what?  I made one too (OK, with a bit of  help from Pauline) from all the little wild  flowers in our garden. I think it’s much better than hers, don’t you?


Just look at that, eh?

Just look at that, eh?


I love my tree.

I love my tree. It’s unique!!

Happy Christmas dear people, lots of love, Des.  xxxxxx

FOOTNOTE – Leura claims to be the prettiest village in the whole Blue Mountains. But their Christmas tree is just….well words fail me!

Did someone very short decorate this tree??

Did someone very short decorate this tree??

  1. Editor Des,
    You’ve done a lot of travelling to find the prettiest tree and yet your own effort is the one I like. Whatever makes you happy, is usually the best. We are off to mexico next weekend for three days. That’s where you can really see bright colors. I hope I see how they decorate their Christmas trees there.

    • Pauline

      Editor Des says thanks very much, Heather. He (and me) hope you have a great trip to Mexico and a very happy Christmas. xxx

  2. Some great trees out there in Oz, Editor Des – they put ours to shame! I love your little tree and wonder how you made it?
    We haven’t yet ventured into the wilds to find our tree & baubles – but must start searching soon!

    • Pauline

      Hello Ann, Editor Des says. ‘I made it by finding all the tiny little flowers in Pauline’s garden and gently placing them on the ‘tree’. He says he hopes he will see a picture of your English tree. xx

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