‘If you go down to the woods today……sing sing …….Today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic.’

Well I love picnics….I think it’s in the genes of bears really, don’t you?  Most picnics require a bit of shopping before hand; bread, wine  and stuff like that.



I am  very well travelled, so of course I have enjoyed picnics in many countries…well a few, anyway.  Here I am by the river Thames in England;


With English friends by the Thames

With English friends by the Thames

You have to be careful though, because there are many many dogs on the Thames Path….Eeew!

I hope that dog is smiling!

I hope that dog is smiling!

There was another, very famous picnic by the Thames. In Wind In the Willows,  Ratty took Mole out on his little  rowing boat.  Mole was amazed at all the provisions in the hamper.  This is what  Ratty said he had;

coldtonguecoldhamcoldbeefpickledgherkinsfrenchrollscresssandwichesmeatpastegingeralelemonadesodawater’ – Wow, that must have taken a long time to get ready.  The author of the book was Mr Kenneth Grahame and he wrote  it for his son Alistair, known as Mouse. Here is a picture of  Mouse, who seems to have liked picnics too. mouseI wonder what’s in his basket?

In France you just go to a patisserie and buy lots of goodies. Mr dear Dr Bob  (my guardian Pauline’s long suffering  husband)  prefers  baguettes at French picnics. Hmmm…

Baguettes are a bit boring I reckon. Here i am with Dr Bob, en France.

Baguettes are a bit boring I reckon. Here I am with Dr Bob, en France.

…why would you  eat bread when you can have cake??  ‘Je ne sait pas’ (that means  ‘I don’t know’).  Pauline said she doesn’t know either.

Ooh la la... what shall we have chere Pauline?

Ooh la la… what shall we have Madame Pauline?

For my birthday a couple of years ago I got a wicker hamper. I really wanted a motor scooter, but never mind.  Here I am trying out the hamper. I invited some friends, but they didn’t come. I think my Camellia bloom hat might have been a mistake, just quietly. Lately I have been looking for a bigger hamper. One with plates and cutlery and thermos flasks. You can pick them up quite cheaply, because these days  people  prefer to put their stuff in foam boxes called Eskies.  Uber-tacky in my opinion.

A spring picnic for one.

A spring picnic for one.



This is a possibility

This is a possibility








Hope the bear doesn't come with it!

Hope the bear doesn’t come with it!  He looks a bit namby-pamby.














This year I had a picnic on Pauline’s lawn. Everyone turned up this time. That’s what made me think I need a bigger hamper.

Happy 16th birthday to me.

Happy 16th birthday to me.

Sometimes I catch the train down to Sydney and have a picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens while  Pauline works at the State Library. People have been having picnics beside the harbour  here for a very long time.  I love this painting of Sydneysiders enjoying themselves at the first sailing regatta. Nobody knows the name of the artist, which is a shame because he (OK..or she) did a great job.  Here is just a little section of the picture. I think the ladies had to go hungry because they couldn’t sit down in their  big dresses. Haha.

An old fashioned picnic in the Botanic Gardens.

An old fashioned picnic in the Botanic Gardens .

Well last time I was in the gardens there were some people setting up for another big picnic, and they had wicker baskets just like mine. They must be coming back into fashion.

I wonder what goodies are in those wicker hampers?

I wonder what goodies are in those hampers?

Of course the best picnics are the ones you didn’t expect to have. They are called  spontane….. !#! #.. spur of the moment ones. You know why?  Because you don’t have to get ANYTHING  ready…..well except a ‘tablecloth’.  I hope I wasn’t breaking the  Botanic Gardens laws on this occasion…..hahaha.     Because  technically I nicked those figs.

The best picnic...ripe figs and only me to eat them.

The best picnic…ripe figs and only me to eat them. Haha.


I hope you have enjoyed my story. Goodbye. xxxxx

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  1. Dear Editor Des,

    The Teddy Bear’s picnic was one of my favourite songs as a child. Whenever Mum and I heard it on the radio we would stop whatever we were doing and sing along.

    I enjoyed looking at your lovely picnic photos. It’s a great reminder that we need to go on more picnics – and take a hamper, not those horrible eskie thingies!

    Your fan,

    • Pauline

      I passed your kind comments on to Editor Des. He says thank you VERY much Christine.

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