Editor Des and the Halloween Pumpkin.



Hello, here is a rather sad story about my Halloween pumpkin.

I forget when I planted the seeds, and also what kind they were. And maybe I was a bit late getting them in.

Our bees seemed to have left when the lavender and thyme and all the Australian native trees finished. I decided I would have to pollinate them myself. You can do that you know.

Then one morning my guardian Pauline Conolly and I went out to see if the flowers were ready and do you know what? There was a bee buzzing in  the pollen and flying from flower to  flower.   Oh me of little faith! I apologized most sincerely to Mother Nature.

Mother nature to the rescue.

From then on it was all systems go. My word a pumpkin grows fast. Yes, just the one.

Nearly as big as me!


Staying up in the rain to keep the possums away.

A strange blue aura has appeared.


I had been measuring my pumpkin every day, so I was really upset when I realized it had STOPPED GROWING!!













It wasn’t nearly as big as the one I’d seen in Pauline’s gardening books. So very disappointing.


My friend Milly (well  OK, she’s my girlfriend)  suggested we could use some powder she ordered on the internet. We spread it all around the vine and then Milly rubbed some into the top of the pumpkin.


Halloween pumpkin

Worth a try!


I can’t say I had much faith in the stuff. I thought I’d try something with a bit more oomph! Like a few hundred volts of electricity.

Electric charge for halloween pumpkin

A big charge!

OK, pretty close to ready now.  Not that it grew much bigger. Looks a bit battle scarred because I tried to write my name on it. Haha…that’s a joke.  I think a bird sharpened his beak on it.   I  wanted to enter it in  the Royal Easter Show, but  Pauline said I’d have to put a bit of filler in, and paint it.  That would be cheating of course.



When I saw the pumpkins at the Show I could understand what Pauline meant.  They were humungous, and as perfect as a baby’s bottom. I wouldn’t of stood a chance, sorry…I wouldn’t HAVE stood a chance.

I know when to admit defeat.


Here we go, you have to leave a bit of the stalk on when you cut your pumpkin, so you can carry it. Haha, no…so it doesn’t rot.

Ready to make the final cut.

I made a bed of autumn leaves for it on my trailer. Milly was ever so proud of me.

How to impress a girl.


Not perfect, but all my own work.









Almost too heavy for my trike!

Pity it turned out green instead of orange, but I was looking forward to making a scary Halloween lantern. I was just starting to carve out a  zigzaggy mouth when Pauline said, ‘Éditor Des, Halloween isn’t until the end of October.’     Can you believe it?   #!*#*^#&*#!   That’s what happens when you are adopted by someone from the wrong hemisphere.

For heavens sake! I’ll have to find a recipe for soup.


Pumpkin soup

Herbed pumpkin soup a la Editor Des

It tasted better than it looks. And I didn’t need a bowl.


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  1. Over in America they don’t grow the lovely flavorsome Queensland blue pumpkins that taste quite delicious when roasted. I miss them very much. I see Ed. Des successfully grew a pumpkin which was more than I achieved. I loved the photo of the Queensland blue variety at the Sydney Show. Ed. Des’s girlfriend is very pretty.

    • Pauline

      I love roast pumpkin, Heather. One pumpkin from an entire packet is not too good, but never mind. And yes, Milly is a real sweetie.

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