CONTINUED FROM Westward Ho!-on the Indian Pacific


Up in time to see the sunrise as the Indian-Pacific approaches the outback mining town of  Broken Hill at 6.00am.  Indian Pacific passengers have a choice of excursions here and Rob and I are going to see the Living Desert Statues.

We are slightly ahead of schedule, so our driver Ray (a fifth generation Broken Hiller) takes us on a tour of the town.  It’s fascinating to see the little timber and corregated iron cottages featured in Pro Hart’s paintings…. and some of the old pubs. Incredible to think there were  70 odd pubs in Broken Hill’s heyday.  The Palace Hotel was the setting for much of the unlikely hit movie, Priscilla, Queen Of the Desert.  That movie is the reason I can only think of this place as Broken Heel.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at Broken Hill

Priscilla and co. in more sensible footwear

The Palace Hotel. Broken Hill

Priscilla and co were here.

High on a hill  outside town we are welcomed with a  pre-breakfast treat of fresh fruit, savoury muffins  and choc/fruit slices.

Pre-breakfast snack for passengers from the Indian Pacific at Broken Hill

At your service.

The sculptures here  were done by  a variety of international artists.  Apparently the ancient local rock was far too hard to carve, so giant blocks of softer stone had to be brought in….a daunting task.

I loved this  horse’s head best, probably because we found out a bit about its background.

Living Desert Statue outside Broken Hill

Our guide Ray used to ride his horse Ben up the hill for modelling sessions.

It was actually modelled on Ray’s horse, Ben. The iron bit was created  by a local blacksmith.

As a gardener  type  it was great to get a closer look at the plants we have been seeing through the train windows….no idea what any of them are though; salt bush etc., I guess.  And this shrub with interesting seed pods.

I wonder what this is?

Plenty of wildlife;  small kangaroos, emus, and wild goats (spotted by eagle eyed Rob).  Ray tells us  he was  practically raised on goat meat, shot by his miner father.

Wild goats outside Broken HillWild Goats outside Broken HIll


Leaving Broken Hill  the red, outback landscape  changes to one of grain fields, especially wheat.  It has just been harvested.

Stockpiled wheat

Stockpiled wheat when the silos are full.

The food aboard the Indian Pacific is dangerously delicious. Oh dear me!

Lovely meal aboard the India Pacific

Great food aboard the Indian Pacific

Dessert aboard the Indian Pacific

Dessert time on the Indian Pacific

My associate Editor Des and his stowaway friend Milly  are running amok, especially when Rob tries to take a break from eating and chatting to the other passengers. Discovered they are stealing and hoarding the chocolates left for us every night. Editor Des  already has a suitcase full.

Editor Des and his hoard of chocolates

Good grief!

Editor Des and Milly annoying Dr Bob.


Next stop….Adelaide.

  1. Sounds like you are getting to see great parts of Australia. Hope you all (stowaways included) enjoy the rest of the trip.

  2. This is the first time I have sent this message to Pauline I emailed her on other writings.
    Hello Pauline

    I am so in awe of all you do to make the world a better place. It is your passion for anything with a pulse that I think are steps made to bring a universe in unity.
    I love birds as well.. I have been fretting over relocating a family of blue birds that are living in a azalea bush next to our house.
    We are having new siding put up and I am trying to get them to go into a big group of pine trees until the hammering of shingles is complete. I have tried to explain that to these tiny puffs of blue.
    I had a Hawk that used to come when I called him. He came to the name “Hawk King” He would sit next to me on the deck and eat a chunk of suet. Would sit as long as I did. I think I might say it is always dangerous to travel with chocoholics.

    I put the piece I found advertising “Connoly’s Patent Roller. Houlburn etc. on a wooden laminnent. Inside is a meditation ball. I put it high so no one would buy it. I’d like you to have it.

    Happy Trails and Tales

    Judy Goldblum Carlton, Humor THerapist

  3. Your journey sounded amazing and so well organised. It’s always sounded such a hostile environment to this ‘softie’ but I can see how rich it really is through your postings. Still remember feeling fairly stressed out though when youngest son travelled across Nullabor in a clapped out old VW van many years ago. Long before the days of emails, so had to hope for an airmail letter a month AFTER some of the scary stuff he did, to know that he was still alive!

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