Hello from Editor Des,

                             MY MUSHROOMS

Well my guardian Pauline Conolly wrote a story  about fungi the other day  called Fungi: Flowers of the Fall .  So I thought I would do a better one. Mine is about very special, magic mushrooms. I think you will love it (and them…and me!)  quite a lot. She also stole my best photo…..just saying.


On second thought I think they might be toadstools.  That means you shouldn’t really eat them, but I think I might try some. I wouldn’t eat this dear little one though, because my girlfriend Milly really likes it.


This is my friend Gnomey. He is enjoying a long stay with me  in the Blue Mountains from Putney….that’s in England (by the river Thames) . Gnomes are related to elves and that’s why they like mushrooms and stuff.


Some fungi are really tiny.

Other mushrooms are nearly as big as dinner plates.


My pal is dwarfed by this big one.

We walked up the lane near my house  in Blackheath and found a proper fairyland.



I wanted to sit on this, but my bottom was a bit big. Gnomey climbed up instead.



Here are more tiny little mushrooms. There are growing on the trunk of a big gum tree.






















Doesn’t my friend gnomey look perfect beside this bright toadstool? He says he might make it his home. This the pic Pauline stole from me; completely unethical.


I gathered a nice selection of mushrooms  for my dinner.  Pauline told me not to, but I hardly ever take any notice of her. Some people cook theirs, but I decided I would try mine  au natural (that’s French)  like people do with oysters.



They tasted a bit funny to tell you the truth…….I might finish this story  later if that’s OK.



Do you know what?  I hate mushrooms, toadstools are terrible and fungi is foul! Only buy them from the shop is my advice. Can  you see that the paw I picked the wretched things with is still very swollen?


I may be here for some time!





  1. Editor Des, I applaud your courage and resolution in the face of adversity (although deploring your pssst…intelligence). Remember that believing in fairies only requires clapping your paws, not consuming their fungi. Get well soon <3

    • Pauline

      Des is still unwell, but says thank you for your kind words, Heather.

  2. Poor Editor Des. You certainly had some beautiful mushrooms or toadstools or fungi to show us. I love the bright red ones. I can hardly believe the size of some of them. You were a little cheeky in showing us some of the secret places where the fairies live. Please don’t eat any more mushrooms unless you have bought them from a shop. I think your close friend Pauline will talk to you about why you shouldn’t be touching mushrooms, toadstools or fungi. Look at your swollen paw. That could have been your throat if you were to eat any of them. I’d stick to only photographing those unusual forest growths in future.

    • Pauline

      I have had a stern talk to Editor Des, Heather. He is up and about again now, thank goodness.

  3. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos! I can not stop to be in awe always with nature on how magical it is. I love these shots!

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