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Hello, Editor Des here. Well today I went to my favourite restaurant in the whole of the Blue Mountains.  I took along my camera to show you what it’s like;

Gingerbred House, Katoomba

Do you know what? It’s in an old church, so I think it might be specially blessed.  I don’t know who the lady is, but she certainly has her hands full.

Gingerbread House Katoomba

There are two soldiers guarding the entrance doors, but I found them quite friendly.


Guard at Gingerbread House

Me with a smiley sentry.

Well, before you can eat lollies and  gingerbread and stuff you have to have a proper lunch, which is not so good.  However, mine was a bit like a picnic, so I really liked it. My guardian Pauline Conolly said I should have ordered wholemeal bread, but I ignored her.  There is a limit to this healthy food nonsense, don’t you think?

Lunch at Gingerbread House Katoomba

A very healthy lunch.

If you look high up in the old church windows you might  be lucky enough to  spot a mother rabbit and her baby. And when you have eaten all your ham and cheese you can have a very special puddingy  drink. Mine was called a Hansel, and it made me float on air, mate!

Rabbits at Gingerbread House, Katoomba

Rabbits hiding up in the high windows.


Editor Des and the Hansel gingerbread special.

It was so yummy I levitated!














There are so many yummy things here, not just gingerbread. I might buy my girlfriend Milly  a Gingerbread House kit for Christmas, then I could eat it, hahaha.

A whole wall of lollies to gladden the heart.

Lolly wall at Gingerbread House, Katoomba

The lolly wall. Can you see me?

See those packets of ‘Fads’ in the photo below ? Pauline said when she was little they were called something else and they are a type of cigarette.  OK, I’ll take a few of those then.

Lots of lollies at Gingerbread House, Katoomba

How am I ever going to decide what to spend my pocket money on?  Well those Fag,, sorry Fads, look interesting.


So  dear people, my final word is;


Oh, nearly forgot to show you the Gingerbread Men. Two  had escaped and were  wandering around Katoomba. It’s a wonder someone didn’t eat their sugary heads, or their sweet legs.

At Katoomba Winter Magic

I love gingerbread men.


PS: Here is the website for the Gingerbread House.  Tell them the famous…ish Editor Des sent you.


  1. See the smiley sentry in one of the photos where Editor Des went for a delicious meal…I have a tall Little Drummer Boy to match him. When we return to Australia to live, early next year, I want to pack him in the container with our household goods. I purchased him at a garage sale for $60 and I thought it was a bargain. He has a little bit of a wear ‘n tear about him, but I love him. Once I had him home(he stands about 6 feet or a little more), I didn’t have a space to stand him. Now, he’s in the corner of our living room of our 55+ detached, brick house. Maybe we’ll buy a larger house when we return home and he won’t have such an inconspicuous placement. I loved the description of your Gingerbread House experience.

    • Pauline

      I think your Drummer Boy was definitely a bargain, Heather. Editor Des would be very jealous!

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