Hello, this is Editor Des from the Blue Mountains.

Well I went to the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. Pauline didn’t want to take me because it gets a bit crowded, but I had a special assignment with the Blue Mountains Council, so she had to.  Haha. We went on the train.

Pauline Conolly and Editor Des on the train

Off we go!

One of my special  jobs was to help Bernie the Blue Mountains fireman.  We are very good friends. I helped Bernie tell people not to throw their cigarette butts out the window of the car, because that might start a big bush fire. Yes, even in winter.


Bernie the fireman and Editor Des

Here I am working  with Bernie, the fireman.

There was another special duty I was entrusted with.  People get excited  at the festival and they tread on the little planting bowls. It squashes the flowers. Do you like the sign I made?


Editor Des Protecting the flower beds in Katoomba

Protecting the flower beds.

Well also, some people smoke, which is very silly.  Alright, I puff a bit myself sometimes, so the sign is a bit not right. I don’t put my butts in Pauline’s flowers though. I hide them in the wood heap.


Editor Des protecting plants

Hard at work.

The Council  didn’t actually pay me for my work, which was a disappointment. But they said I could go to the Gingerbread  House and have whatever I wanted. Wow, I love that place.


At Katoomba Winter Magic

I love gingerbread men.

It was hard to choose something from their menu, but in the end I chose the Hansel. Well I don’t think they had a Gretel. My ice-cream sundae had popcorn on top, covered in honey.  It was Manuka honey, which is VERY healthy I believe. Do you know what? I was floating on air!


Editor Des and the Hansel gingerbread special.

It was so yummy I levitated!

Pauline was right though, it was a bit crowded really, especially if you have short legs.. Goodbye.


Katooba Street, Winter Magic Festival

Katoomba Street gets a bit busy.


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