Blackheath Farmers' Market


What a joy the busy  Blackheath Growers’ Market is. Mind you, I’m glad I can walk up there. These days  people have to park their cars  almost down to my own house near the duck pond.


Arrive early!

It’s held on the second Sunday of the month at the Community Hall in Gardiner Crescent. With additional  stalls in the park behind around 60 growers and producers are represented.

There are always lots of people sitting in the  sunshine with a coffee listening to  live music. Yes, we do have sunshine in dear old ‘Bleakheath’.

Farmers Market Blackheath

Must confess  I am usually too busy buying goodies to sit down for long.

Fresh berry muffins.

Fresh berry muffins.

I loved the presentation; an individual box, with all the style of a French patisserie.


Fruit muffin and Waratah mug.

Back home for morning tea.

Don’t you just love figs? And chocolate?

Fig and chocolate jam at Blackheath Farmers' Market.

Lovely on icecream.

Let’s not forget the fruit and veg.


Editor Des at Blackheath Market.


Farmers' Market, Blackheth.

Fresh produce from Orange.

I suspect someone from Leura or Katoomba  crept up the hill and tampered with this sign!



The Farmer’s market is as popular in June as it is in January. Mind you, everyone is a lot more bundled up, even the singer!

Singer at Blackheath Farmer's Market.

Feeling the cold but warming hearts.

Blackheath Farmers Market.

Hats and scarves and warm coats.











Little dog at Blackheath Farmer's Market.

So cosy.

BBlackheath Farmer's Market.

Warm, but very smart!








The queues for coffee and  comfort food are pretty long.

Blackheath Farmer's Market.


Doughuts at BBlackheath Farmer's Market.

Well, we burn a lot of calories here in winter!








Blackheath Farmer's Market produce

A touch of the tropics.










Pop around the corner and there’s  a craft market  in the old Presbyterian Church Hall in Wentworth Street. On other Sundays the stallholders are across the railway line at the RSL Club.

Presbyterian Church Hall, Blackheath


Lots of homemade craft goods  here and, oh my word, the most heavenly fudge. I bought mango/coconut and  coffee/chocolate.


To die for!

For details of the craft market click HERE.

I’m not sure how one goes about having a stall at the Growers’ Market, but my  young associate Editor Des wants one, to sell his kitchen garden produce.

Editor Des ready to sell his vegetables.

Ready for the Blackheath village market.

Just quietly, I think Editor Des’s  prices might need a bit of adjustment.





  1. What a vibrant area you live in!
    And yes, I think Des’s prices are a little over the top!

    • Pauline

      Well, he said it’s because they are organically grown.

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