Eastern spinebill in daphne

My garden  in the chilly Blue Mountains has acid soil, which is why I grow azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas…..and daphnes. At last count I had nine…..sorry, ten.


What could be better than a shrub that flowers in mid winter and has one of the most heavenly perfumes imaginable?

Well, it is better if the flowers match one’s dress.

Daphne seat

Sweet Milly

And Milly insisted I include this little poem;

All about the daphne bush the happy fairies went,

And spread about their silken hair to catch its magic scent.

They chanted little silver tunes, they danced the whole day long,

The rosy bush was ringed around with chains of coloured sound.

The best way to tip prune plants is to pick flowers for the house, or for friends.

Daphne in miniature cornucopia vase.

Perfect for a tiny cornucopia vase.

The bouquet in the bucket is one  I took along last week to put on a grave that was having a marker placed after 100 years. This old-fashioned plant would have been just as popular  back in 1918…..and no doubt grown by poor Linda Loosley   herself.

Daphne for a grave marker ceremony

I found this vase up in Blackheath village  at a second hand shop for a few dollars. Perfect for the flowers .

The perfect vase for daphne

Especially lovely when the light shines through.

White daphne does so well here. The little birds love the nectar, too. That was a nice surprise. It’s visited frequently by wattlebirds, Eastern spinebills and  tiny silvereyes.

Spinebill in the dphne

Spinebill visiting

White Daphne

In full glory

If the daphne is flowering, spring is in the air;

Daffodils and daphne.

Daffs and daphne.

So heart-lifting, even in the rain;

White daphne

White daphne

For the sill.

There is a yellow flowering daphne too. I really  think I must have one.

Yellow daphne

How pretty.

Daphne  needs a well drained location  in dappled sunshine. Mind you, the best position for Daphne is by one’s bedside.

Daphne by the bedside.

Sweet dreams.

  1. I adore Daphne. I have a Daphne Odora aureomarginata but not having acidic soil, have it growing in a pot. It used to thrive well in Maidenhead, but just about ‘holds its own’ here in Yorkshire. However as it was a cutting from my mother’s garden, I nurture it with love.

    • Pauline

      I think Blackheath has the ideal climate and soil for them, Marcia. How special to have one from your Mother’s garden.

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