Mr S. Bowerbird’s  magnificent home  in Blackheath’s Memorial Park was almost wrecked yesterday. Two (illegally) unleashed dogs tore through the middle of it before I could warn their owners.  How they missed  crushing  the bower itself is a miracle. There was a bit of repair work required.


Satin bowerbirds repairing bower

Could be an insurance claim.


Male satin bowerbird in bower.

More repairing of internal walls

Even the ‘roof’ needed a  bit of attention.

Satin bowerbird

A bit of thatching.

Time for a bit of foraging outside after all that effort.


Satin owerbird

One must keep up one’s strength.

Foraging satin bowerbird

Munch munch










While he was away I thought I would find  a little treasure to cheer him up after the dog  scare. Growing nearby was a  hebe shrub. Its  violet  flowers are a perfect  match for  a bowerbird’s eyes.  Oh dear….it was a disaster. As soon as he returned he picked it up and hurled it out of the bower

Bowerbird with hebe flower.

Bowerbird with  rejected hebe flower.


It’s the second day of spring. The blossom is coming out directly above the bower. This bird has chosen such a delighful spot.

Spring blossom

Sing of new life….how appropriate.

Happily, there comes a moment  in a satin bowerbird’s life when a carefully  chosen object completely beguiles the object of his desire.

Bowerbird courtship

With this ring…… (Image by Ravenari)


Satin bowerbird pair

The wedding bower.

How wonderful that the eggs have those  violet splashes to match their father’s eyes.


The female does all the incubating and later the feeding of the young. How on earth does she manage? No wonder these birds make lightning raids on orchards and vegetable gardens. I have never seen a nest, and this very murky photo was the only one I could find on-line.

Bowebird in nest

Sitting, sitting. (Wikipedia)

Look at this chick. Just a little bit adorable. I love the smokey fuzz.


Stin Bowerbird chick.

Bowerbird chick. Already unmistakable . (Flickr,  by Tixie Benbrook)

Soon this little fellow will be venturing out and eating my flowers. That’s a little groundcover called Lithodora.

Satin bowerbird stealing flowers

Couldn’t fit much more in!


And so the cycle of satin bowerbird life goes on. How  entertaining these characters are.


  1. What a beautiful story about a lovely bird! I’m so glad he wasn’t hurt during the rampage by those unruly dogs nor his delightful bower wrecked. The photos and sketches are charming. I am beginning to appreciate birds more as I grow older and your colourful charmers are encouraging me too.

    • Pauline

      Thanks Fiz. I’ve always loved birds. My current passion for them really began with my little ‘point and shoot’ camera. I loved all the birds in the UK too, especially the wonderful red kites in the Chiltern Hills.

  2. This has been a wonderful series. Thank you so much. I have loved every article and the photos are wonderful.



    • Pauline

      Thanks so much David. The bower has given me so much enjoyment. It’s a pleasure to share it.

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