Introducing Mr Satin bowerbird outside his Blue Mountains  home. His address is No. 1 Memorial Park. Blackheath 2785.

Bowerbird in Memorial Park Blackheath
The proud home owner.

This is a very well located, private property only a two minute walk to the village (twenty seconds in full flight).

Location of satin bowerbird

Swimming pool complex nearby and someone to cut the grass.  Oh, and a pond as well.

Blackheath pool Memorial Park.
Decent neighbours, the wood duck family.
Blackheath duck pond.
Such an idyllic duck pond nearby.

Yes, he has those sought after water glimpses from his front door..

Well, that’s definitely a water view!

The interior of the home is simply a masterpiece.  Modern materials have been employed almost exclusively; that is….. PLASTIC!  Just a few  old-fashioned, organic touches with feathers and dried leaves. So symmetrical, I think that is the  decorator’s greatest triumph.

Satin Bowerbird's bower in Memorial Park

Of course you can always improve on perfection.  There is constant re-arranging and enhancing by Mr. B.

I’ll just move this leaf. What a mouthful.

Will this be good enough to woo a lady or two?  Perhaps a  few more pale  accent pieces will make all the difference.

Male satin bowerbird
A bit more off-white to contrast with all the blue.

And maybe another stick for the bower itself. That moth eaten ivy  carpet has to go.

Bowerbird with new stick for the bower.
Just one more stick.

Ah yes, that’s the spot.

Bowebird at work
Yes, that’s better I think.

Only one problem, the ladies have not shown any interest whatsoever. For heaven’s sake! What more can a fellow do?

Satin bowerbird
Might have to try Tinder!

Oh well, just have to keep trying. Let’s hope blue hasn’t gone out of fashion. Or, even worse; that non-biodegradable plastic is being rejected by enlightened female bowerbirds.

Satin bowerbird

Sitting (very) pretty.

Satin bowerbird

Hang on….is that a prospective bride I see lurking?

Female satin bowerbird



Oh my goodness. A bird in the bower and one in the wings. His cup runneth over with joy.

Mr S Bowerbird doing well.
Well done mate!

I think it was these sulphur crested cockatoo feathers that made all the difference. It’s not all about blue!

Satin bowerbird with sulphur crested cockatoo feathers.
Accent Colours

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