I rather like misty days, they remind  me of cool flannels being placed on fevered brows. Our property adjoins the Blue Mountains’  National Park and sometimes bushwalkers  become disoriented, blundering  into my garden. I point them in the direction of Govett’s Leap, with a gentle warning to take care.

Govett's Leap on a misty day.
From the lookout.

I went for  walk up to the village recently,when it was so misty I could only see a few metres. The duck pond was barely visible. Not a single wood duck on the water. It looked like an old Dutch painting.

Misty duck pond in Blackheath.
Misty duck pond in Blackheath.
Peeping out on a misty morning.
New Holland Honeyeater viewing the scene.

Memorial Park was pretty well deserted.

The kookaburras were sitting lower down on the cherry tree branches, looking for a meal through the fog.

Kookaburra in the mist.
Kooka in the mist.

The main purpose of my walk was to check on Mr  Satin Bowerbird’s  impressive bower, up by the top gates.

Great spot for a satin bowerbird's bower.
He’s in there somewhere

He was still busy, but it seemed the ladies had stayed home. Moisture laden air is never good for one’s coiffur

A little silvereye was up early to enjoy some nectar before the aggressive wattlebirds arrived.

The moisture was enhancing the beauty of mosses and lichens on a giant oak tree.

Moss and lichen
Moss and lichen enjoying the moisture.

The main street in the village  resembled a scene from Dickens. All it needed was a horse drawn hansom cab to come clattering down from the station.

A Misty day in Blackheath
Like something from 19C London.

Cars had their  lights on, but  fog horns would have been handy as well.

Misty day at Blackeath.

Back home, the budding wattles were providing some colour, albeit muted. It will be spring in a few days, officially anyway.

Wattle about to bloom in the mist.
Wattle about to bloom.

By now it was more  foggy rain than mist. Time to light the fire and put the kettle on.

Misty Blue Mountains
Home sweet home.

There are early spring bulbs on the sill, almost as warming as a lamp.

Spring bulbs
A cheering posy.
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