Victory Antiques Centre at Blackheath


The Victory Theatre opened in 1921 as The Arcadia picture house.

Talkies at The Arcadia in Blackheath
Talkies at The Arcadia
The Arcadia Theatre Blackheath

Locals even enjoyed an early form of 3D.

It is now a vast antiques centre.  The bear (Editor Des) is not for sale, though sometimes I am sorely tempted to put a price on his head.

Victory Antiques Centre, Blackheath

It’s a great place for tourists when the wind is whistling around ‘pleurisy’ corner or when it’s raining…or snowing!


I have found many of my husband Rob’s  birthday and Christmas presents in here. I can only hope he likes them as much as I do!


It was also here that my collection of antique Bilston enamel patch and pill boxes began. And where I found  a sweet desk for my new study.

Writing/sewing desk.
Bought in readiness for my  new study.
Bilston Enamel
Bilston Enamel circa 1780

Pillbox cabinet.
Waiting to be filled with pillboxes.

My purchases do not always find favour with Rob. I arrived home with an old baby bath  a few years back, which he thought I had rescued from the roadside!  But it’s lovely…..some  people have no imagination.

Christmas in the Blue Mountains
The bath decorated for Christmas.

Sometimes my associate Editor Des and I just have fun browsing. We try on the vintage hats.

 Pauline Conolly wearing Vntage Hat at the Victory Antiques Centre
A hint of Dame Edna!
Vintage headwear at Blackheath's Victory Antiques Centre.
Perfect for The Cup!

I do have a sad personal  tale  regarding the centre. Once I had a garage sale, and to my great excitement an early arriver bought  such a huge quantity of my wares that I gave him a substantial discount.  A few weeks later I found my prints and collectibles  in The Victory at eye-watering prices! I was filled with unreasonable rage.  To add insult to injury, I had bought many of them there in the first place. Oh well, that’s the cruel circle of commerce.

When you finished wandering around the galleried antiques centre you can visit the café at the entrance to the building.

Victory Antiques Centre Cafe at Blackheath
Hard to beat a Devonshire Tea.

The cheapest lunch in the village can be found here…maybe not that healthy, but never mind.  Coffee at $3.50 and you can share a giant bowl of chips for $5.  Tell them the old lady with the laptop sent you.

Victory Antiques Centre Cafe.
Oh yes…enough for two.

I love the Jenny Kee mural on the wall of The Victory.

Victory Antiques Centre Mural by Jenny Kee.
Victory Antiques Centre Mural, Blackheath by Jenny Kee
Jenny Kee mural, Blackheath
‘Heart of the ‘Heath’.

Here is a challenge. Could someone with an air of authority please  identify and ask the relevant stall owner to move the wooden shelving in the centre of the heart?  If anyone succeeds I will shout them lunch in the café  (not just the chips, I promise.)

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