Well, spring is well and truly here now. I have watched the blossom come out above Mr Bowerbird’s home in Memorial Park at Blackheath. I don’t know what sort it is; some sort of prunus. With a bit of luck it might produce fruit later on. He would love that.

There are already plenty of pollinators.

Bee in the blossom

Bee in the blossom.

The  proud home owner still maintains his bower assiduously. But oh dear me, I think he has lost a few bottle tops! Bowerbirds regularly  steal from each other. There are also a couple of feathers in the first photo below, which have disappeared in the second. They probably disintegrated during recent rainy weather…. or have blown away. No wonder the birds choose indestructible plastic!

Satin Bowerbird's bower in Memorial Park

Mid August.

Bower of satin bowerbird

Mid September








Today our suitor  had a gorgeous lady visitor and he  did everything in his power to impress her.


Satin bowerbirds

I bow to you sweet lady.  Pray step into my bower….


Satin bowerbird showing his treasures.

Like these? Come closer!

No, she didn’t like them a bit.

It’s a bit radical, but what if you tried losing the blue?


Satin bowerbird.

Is this better?

Sadly, it was still a no-go. She turned around and walked off.

It must have been  humiliating, because a male King Parrot was watching from a nearby tree with amusement. The only decoration he needs is that fine crimson chest.

King parrot.

Giving you the run-around is she? Hahaha!

Apart from theft by  sneaky rivals and rejection by  prospective partners  I see another  big problem with this satin bowerbird’s romantic journey…..his bizarre  serenade.  When a likely bride approaches he dances around his ‘secret’ bower and launches into a remarkable  and very loud whirring and chirring.

Satin bowerbird putting on a show.

Putting on a show.

The noise  attracts every unleashed dog in the park.  Before their owners can call them to heel they are rudely intruding.


Here comes trouble!


Dog approaching the satin bowerbird's boer

Go away!








How the fragile grass structure in the centre of the bower  hasn’t been flattened is a  true miracle. Just tone the tune  down a little is my advice, mate.


Things are beginning to look brighter! Maybe it’s the latest decorator pieces.

Satin bowerbird treasures.

Parrot plumage and plastic pegs. 

Satin Bowerirds

Oh yes….nice pad!


Satin bowerbirds


  1. Fabulous story and fabulous photos. Deeply envious.

  2. I am enjoying your series on the bowerbirds. They are certainly unique in their habits. And royally dressed as well. I love your photos of this bird which I will never see personally. Aren’t cameras a wonderful invention? I often have trouble with your captcha. The time limit is always exhausted, then I have to write my comment all over again. I’m trying to get a new captcha and not having success, so if you do finally see this comment, you’ll know I have finally been successful. 🙂

    • Pauline

      Hi Diane, thanks so much for persevering. I’m not sure what the problem with the captcha is. I wish I didn’t have to have one, but if I don’t the spam is awful. I’m a bit obsessed with the bowerbirds. And yes, my little point and shoot camera changed my life.

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