A few days of rain and mist followed by two warm, sunny days and voila……it’s SPRING! Impossible to stay inside. Let’s pop up to Blackheath village.

Blossom between the twin gums.

Off we go past the twin gums. Where did that blossom  come from?

Mr and Mrs Wood Duck were taking a stroll as well. Soon they will be looking for a tree hollow to nest in.


Wood ducks at Popes Glen Blackheath

Unusually, the pied cormorant was perched above the duck pond rather than fishing. No doubt surveying the scene for a partner.  He always seems rather lonely, so I hope he is successful. Might be a good idea to clean up his  shirtfront though. Not a good look.

Little Pied Cormorant.


Pied Cormorant

A bath might help.










The satin bowerbirds have been  courting in Memorial Park.


Satin bowerbirds

Aah, romance….

And look, the bees are already busy.


Nectar filled hakia

Hakia, too spikey for anything but spinebills and bees.

Bee on blossom

Nectar rich blossom.

Sipping hebe nectar.

Sipping hebe nectar.

Blossom and blue sky.

Blossom and blue sky.

There was a little  ‘honesty box’ stall in Govett’s Leap Road.  I noticed the lemons went first. Probably because most locals lose their citrus fruit to possums or yellow tailed cockatoos!  Of course only tourists would buy the daffs; we all have plenty of our own.

Spring stall at Blackheath

Lemons 20 cents each.

Further along at Glenella Guesthouse the  gorgeous magnolia tree was in full bloom.



A Glenella Beauty

I returned home via Wentworth Street. The cherry trees are out.

Cherry blossom at Blackheath


I always stop to admire  this arch on the corner of  Wentworth and Park  Streets. Can’t seem to identify the vine, but it’s very pretty with is creamy clusters of bells and burgundy leaves.


Arch with unidentified vine.

By the side of the street in rock hard soil a little  battler had sprung up;  it’s back against the wall.


Lonely little grape hyacinth.

Yes, we Blackheathens are a tough lot.  However, enough is  enough. We emerge  blinking into the sunlight from our chilly winters with broad smiles.

The finale of spring is the Rhododendron Festival, first week of November;


THE PARADE VIA WENTWORTH STREET. (Blue Mountains Gazette – Photo by Brigitte Grant)
  1. Beautiful photos. And lemons for twenty cents each? Wow! A couple of weeks ago they were 98 cents each at the store where I shop. The next week they were down to about 75 cents. I refuse to buy them at those prices. I finally got some last week for around 40 cents. I really do enjoy your posts though I don’t often comment. Well, here we go again. The CAPTCHA won’t reload. I’ll keep trying. But I don’t blame you for using it. The spam can get overwhelming.

    • Pauline

      Success Diane! I So appreciate your comments, believe me. It’s wonderful to share nature with people who love it as much as I do.

  2. What beautiful pictures!
    How long do cherry blossoms last in Blackheath?

    • Pauline

      Thanks Craig. The blossom will be around for a couple more weeks at least. The cherry avenue in the main street of Leura (a couple of stations down the Mountain) are only just coming out and are truly spectacular.

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