Editor Des

Hello. It’s nearly Christmas and I have made my very own tree in the garden. I think I have done quite a good job. I pinch…sorry, borrowed the ornaments from Mother Nature. The tree is called Lycopodium, and the dinosaurs used to eat it! Well it has its own little green candles.

Editor Des and his Christmas tree.
I love my little Australian tree.

Now one year I got into a bit of trouble about presents. My guardian Pauline Conolly thought I asked for too much from father Christmas.

Editor Des and the Christmas spirit.

I was hoping for a  sports car, that’s why I used the barrow instead of a stocking but hey….I’m not one to make excuses.  I didn’t get the damn car anyway (just saying!).

Hmm…….maybe time to do things a little differently.  I sat down and wrote Santa a very special letter about it.

Letter to Santa Claus
In it goes!

I sort of forgot about the letter then, being a very busy soul.  Then  one day I rode my bike around to my vegetable garden and got the biggest shock of my life. Good grief…it was Santa!  He was a bit smaller than I thought he’d be. Seemed a lovely chap though and he was happy to hand over the  sack of goodies I asked for. We had a little chat and  I explained a bit more about my secret plan. He said he now had a much higher opinion of me.

Editor Des Meets Santa
Well hello….are you Editor Des?


To fulfil my end of the bargain I took the sack of goodies around and left them with all my neighbours. First stop was my girlfriend Milly’s family.

Editor Des plays Santa
They will be so surprised!

The person who lives in the next house never comes outside and never opens the door when I knock.  He just yells out anti-festive slogans;

Bah humbug bauble
Hardly the right spirit, Mate!

But never mind, I left him some bananas and a carton of chocolate milk. I gave him a boomerang to play with, too. That could be a mistake.   He might throw it at me next time I’m around!

Editor Des plays Santa.
P’raps he will  come out when I’m not looking.

Oh yes, and I left  some things  for the fierce  bandits at Fort X, even though they kidnapped me once. My heart is truly golden. Yes, and even the stump spider gets something, because he hasn’t bitten anyone for quite a while.

Christmas is a time for giving!
I’m treating nastiness with niceness, Santa.
Editor Des playing Santa.
I’ll leave something out here for you, Spidey.

Next stop was a very dear  old friend, Hoppy. He gave me the hat last year, so I thought I’d better wear it.  It’s a bit small….. I reckon his mother knitted it for HIM! I don’t think recycling gifts is in the right spirit really, do you?

Editor Des playing Santa at Christmas.
Here you are dear Hoppy.

Now for the last stop….Christmas gifts for all the birds. I’ll just leave the sack by their baths and they can help themselves. I hope there won’t be any squabbles. Pauline gave them some baubles…..very silly. They might try to hatch them.

Editor Des playing Santa to the birds at Christmas.
Happy Christmas dearest birdies.

Do you know what? I felt all warm inside when I’d finished.  It’s a pity I can’t tell Pauline what I did, but it’s better to be an anomi….aynomi….a secret giver.  Yes, I know I’ve told you…but that is all!

A special Christmas card for Des.



  1. Merry Christmas Pauline. Loved the delightful message from Des.

    • Pauline

      Warmest Christmas wishes to you too, Lyn. Editor Des and I would like to thank you for your support of our stories. xx

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