There is a reason why the Blue Mountains village of  Blackheath is affectionately dubbed Bleakheath. Recently someone (not mentioning any names, Kim) asked me to write a winter post. So here it is.

My husband often has to venture out with the kettle to defrost the bird baths. The crimson rosellas appreciate it.

Defrosting bird baths.

A nice warm bath.

Crimson rosellas

Thanks Bob.

Of course the ice layer does have its artistic value.

Ice Art

Ice art

Garden art.

Oh my, such a cool hat!

The duck pond freezes over too.

Frozen Blackheath Duck Pond

Where are my skates?

It’s pretty chilly on Blackheath Beach

Ducks at Blackheath Duck Pond

More mud and shingle than golden sand.

All the deciduous trees are bare. I love seeing the skeleton branches.

Coral maple

Coral Maple

Winter branches

Trees in winter.

Up in the village we all have our winter coats on.Editor Des

Pauline Conolly

Me, wearing nearly everything I own,

The Wattle Café has a wood stove burning at weekends. And  cheap, hot chips!

Wattle cafe Blackheath

How cosy!

No snow to speak of yet, but some years we have a heavy fall. The worst is when it comes in late spring, when the trees are in leaf. The weight of snow snaps the branches of my Japanese maples.

All things considered I rather like winter, if only for the joy of fragrant daphne  in flower.

Daphne in miniature cornucopia vase.

Perfect for a tiny cornucopia.

White daphne

For the sill.

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